Saturday, August 17, 2013


So my second week has basically been the best week of my life. I'm also at the West campus so I haven't really been to the main MTC, but it has been better here because we have to walk from class to residence outside in the fresh air. The rooms are also very nice. We get our own rooms to our companionship and they are quite big. Anyway, I sent a letter with half of it, but I don't know when it will reach you. A brief summary. It blew my mind!!!

I learned about the true message of the Restoration of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. It is not about Joseph Smith or the Church. That happened 10 years later. It's about Christ restoring His Doctrine and the ability to access the Atonement. It makes perfect sense now. So many experiences that have changed my life and that I was taught wrong before I came here. Even typing about the message of the Restoration has left me feeling the Spirit very strongly to the point where there is no way that any of this Gospel isn't true. God loves us and He is our teacher. Look in my hand written letters (2) for more details. Tuesday night devotional was amazing. I sung in the choir with over 1500 missionaries singing with me. It was amazing and invited the Spirit so well that it burned within me like a river of Fire. This also happened when the speaker, ELDER RICHARD G. SCOTT!!!!, spoke about the true meaning of prayer. Tell Garrett I also ran into Elder Bingham from We the People! Small world right? 
Later on Wednesday, We learned about Baptism. It is only the First Step. It also doesn't cleanse our sins, the Holy Ghost does that by a remission of sins by Fire. Water is only half a baptism. This mind blowing experiences are not as hard to take in as before. I am truly changing how I view and do things here on my mission. I leave Monday at 4:30 am to the Airport. Anyway, we also learned the purpose of Church is to get answers to our questions through revelation from our Father. Especially during the Atonement we think and ask our Father what we can do to change our lives. In 20 mins we can receive life changing answers. I look forward to this tomorrow.
On Thursday 15, I began to be worried about our district, including me, wasting study time. This was resolved later in the day. We did a Book of Mormon read as a district with our amazing teacher Brother Balzer. We each had a question. We read 3 verses and all our questions were answered. It was undesirable, but it felt natural. We changed our view of study time and will always respect the time we have for study as sacred for the Lord.
Friday we went to in-field orientation. It taught us what to do in the mission field. I also met Sister Kassi Roe there from Kesler's. Even smaller world. The best part was when we returned home and Brother Crandall was waiting for us. He had the impression to instruct us in prayer by teaching us about Enoch. He challenged us to take the knowledge we had gained about it and apply it in a prayer. We prayed for an hour and a half. I thought I was doing it wrong. Everyone else had great experiences, but I felt like nothing. I went to my residence downtrodden and sad. In sadness I cast myself on my bed and began to offer up the desires of my heart to God. I cried unto Him and he did answer. It was the best Experience I have had here yet. I talked one on one with my Father in Heaven. I loved it. After the prayer I realized I needed that troubling experience to take myself deeper and be completely honest with God. Then, I really relied on Him and our wills became one. I testify that the Gospel is true. That prayer is sacred and will bring us closer to our Father if done correctly. Just talk to Him about anything, anyone, anytime, anyway. Be honest and the answers will come. I challenge each of you to try it. YOU WILL NOT REGRET THE TIME SPENT WITH OUR FATHER CLOSE BY. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

With immense love,

Elder Davis

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