Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 4: Elder Pathway - "the pathway back to our Father in Heaven"

Sorry for not mailing yesterday, the Library was closed for Labor Day and there are no other computers we are allowed to use. So anyway.
Monday night we committed Jerry to baptism on the 12th of october. He expressed a deep need for fellowshipping which we are trying to involve members in as much as possible.
Tuesday: First time I have ever forgotten my name badge (it won't happen again) It was so hot 110 with almost no wind. After an hour we had to go back to change shirts. I left the badge on my other shirt. Had to turn around after nearly being at our destination. There's a lot of walking here because Chamberlain is a very small town. Smaller even then Blackfoot or even better, Firth.
So I earned myself a nickname based on the way that I teach. Each lesson I teach, I use "the pathway back to our Father in Heaven" so I got the nickname of Elder Pathway. Has a nice ring to it don't you think? It's true though, the pathway is strait and narrow. It's the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Strait by the way means difficult or needed. The Gospel is both so I thought it was interesting they used strait not straight.
Wednesday: Another reaffirming thought that we can be placed in the right place at the right time. Tracted in a small subdivision of Chamberlain called Oakoma. Like Rose is to Blackfoot. We got frustrated so we were heading back to Chamberlain when we passed by the post office right as Devin was heading there. He previously had told the Elders NO WAY I'M EVER GOING TO LISTEN TO YOUR MESSAGE. Recently, though, he had some very humbling circumstances that led him right to us. He prayed for the first time and felt very giddy. I know hw recognized the Holy Ghost and is trying to repent. I also am striving to avoid the dreaded, "how can I do this for two years?" day that Elder Paskett said will eventually come. I don't think it will as long as I maintain a possitive attitude and keep relying on the atonement.
Thursday: Weekly Planning! I actually like it this time as I truly felt concerned for our Investigators and how we can help them. I love missionary work and know that It doesn't have to be only two years, anyone can be a missionary. I challenge all of you to talk about the Book of Mormon with friends and give them a copy. Yes, they should be non-members. Also learned why we don't listen to screaming, rock, or other musics. Even two seconds of that chases away the spirit and I felt it leave big time as we briefly passed an area with blaring music.
Friday: I learned today that when we teach something that has personal meaning and relevance to us and to the investigators, the lessons are very powerful as the spirit fills the room. This was done with Don and Terrance. Two possible investigators who seemed really interested and definitely felt the spirit as we testified of Jesus Christ as our savior and the atonement.
Saturday: Interesting how we plan to see people and then run into them on the street. I know God is helping prepare people to receive our message. Also the opposite is true. When we meet with people who just want to prove us wrong, the spiritis gone. One such person was Ron. He was willing to listen, but also was more interested in converting us. It was hard not to get angry because He would ask questions and not let us answer fully. It's also frustrating because people believe that we can't add or take away from the Bible because of Revelations and Dueteronomy. I wanted to leave Him with 2 Nephi where it talks about people saying we need no more Bible but felt it was wrong timing to do so.
Sunday. Did a 24 hour fast. The food was fine, but going without water here was the toughest thing. All of our appointments fell through, but we did receive several promising opportunities set up for Wednesday on exchanges.
Monday: P-DAY!!! Made a paper chessboard. Played with Elder Paskett who also likes chess. We have plans to make a giant chessboard using Dasani bottles as pawns and other stuff for the other pieces. It will be a fun P-day activity since there's not much to do here in Chamberlain. It's a lot like Blackfoot, but with a lot more hills we have to walk up.
After P-day, Tracted and got three potential investigators. Ludvig, he's from South Africa, said no at first, but then we ran into him on the street and he asked us if we believed in Christ. He said he'd been thinking that he couldn't deny us the chance if we believed in Christ so he said to come back.
Todd is a Jehovah's witness and will be very interesting.
Finally, Tom Thompson who walks his dog every night. We met him street contacting. Gave him a Book of Mormon and he is actually reading. It will be very interesting to see what happens.
I love you all and this week has strenghened my love for others. Also, After a week of 100 degree weather with 3 days being 110, 98 degrees feels amazing. Never thought I'd say that. Love you
Elder Davis

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