Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 5: My first exchange

It’s hard to think I've been here almost a month now. It feels like it’s only been a week or so. After emailing Tuesday, there was a rain shower. It was only sprinkling, but we went back to the apartment to put our stuff away. As we were there, I prayed to know if I should bring my jacket outside with me. I really didn't want to because it’s the weirdest thing here; it was still really warm and humid even though it was a cold sprinkling rain. Anyway, I prayed to know if I should and I had an answer to put an umbrella into my bag. I didn't know why since for most of the day it was only a slight drizzle and was quite a relief from the heat. The answer came through.
In South Dakota, rainstorms are weird. The weather here during storms changes more than it does in Idaho. When it was drizzling, all of a sudden within a second we were being dumped on with huge rain drops. I am grateful for the power of prayer because that umbrella kept us pretty dry in that weather. On our way back for the night we met Bruce coming out of a restaurant. We talked with him and his wife is a member. He knows it’s true and agreed to take lessons. We plan on inviting him to be baptized the next time we see him. He lives in Kansas, but works up here so he'll be here for a while.
Wednesday was my first exchange. Our district leader Elder Cannon went with me in Chamberlain while his companion Elder Young went with Elder Paskett out to Lower Brule. We met with Steven, a potential we had tracked into trying to find someone else from 2 years ago who evidently had moved. The Lord works in mysterious ways. We met with two people from South Africa Ludvig and Victus who thought we were wolves in sheep's clothing. We asked them to pray and helped resolve their concerns. Unfortunately, they researched anti-Mormon literature on the internet and threw the Book of Mormons out of their house. I'm still praying for them and we'll stop by later to check up on them.
Friday was our first zone training meeting. There was a special spirit there as we travelled to Pierre and met with other missionaries. We received instruction on how to better involve the Ward in missionary work. Believe me, without the branch, our work is impossible. Everyone is a missionary. Look up on LDS.ORG work of salvation broadcast and watch the short videos. They are very inspiring and teach how faith plays a role and how members and missionaries need to be united. We also received a book on how to adjust to mission life and reduce stress that has helped quite a bit especially in sleeping better. Later that night we visited a home. A movie was playing downstairs in the basement and sounded very violent. I can't believe how fast the spirit left as I entered and heard the movie. It was very shocking, probably more so than ever because I'm used to feeling it constantly as a missionary.
I don't know how I was ever able to watch movies with that much yelling and gunshots, and other action without feeling very uncomfortable. It shed a new light on how much violence is very bad. A lot of times you hear people say, Oh it's just violence in this movie, but it really damages your spirit and it was only after knowing the spirit so well in my life that I was able to recognize the sudden change. It made me very sick in the stomach until the spirit returned after we left. Needless to say it was a very brief visit.
Lastly, last night we met with Aaron. He is very logical. He's been searching, but we weren't able to get through to him. Nothing he's said though ever caused me to doubt the answer I received from my Father in Heaven that this work is true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is His kingdom once again established on the Earth.
With love,
Elder Davis

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