Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 6: You are essential in missionary work!

This week was interesting. We made "pure wine of the grape" aka grape juice with a blender it was really good. We then added sprite to it.
We went to the Akta Lakota museum today. It consisted of a lot of history and native American artifacts, games, and beliefs. It was interesting to see how much of their beliefs coincide with Book of Mormon events.
I was thinking about making a smoothie with all sorts of fruit juices, but I'll have to figure that out how to do it. good thing I have 2 years to do so.
When we do service for others, we get into "normal" clothes. It felt very weird to me. Church clothes are my normal clothes now and are very comfortable. I also am looking around town and mistaking words for things for example in the library during service I looked at the Book of Knowledge thinking it was the Book of Mormon.
I also felt how much a member is necessary in missionary work. We went to see Jerry with President Barth. As Pres. Barth testified of the atonement the spirit was very strong. Stronger than if we had been the only ones telling Jerry about it. Jerry especially needs fellowship's to help with his progression. That one visit made him want to read the Book of Mormon and keep commitments after we had been pounding him for weeks he finally did it after that one lesson. You are essential in missionary work.
We met with a Jehovah's witness named Todd. He asked us about what we believe in war and that our answer was not a message of love. We'll have to really listen to the spirit if he decides to take the missionary discussions.
On Wednesday we left for Pierre to stay overnight there with the zone leaders Elder Luis and Lowe. This was in preparation for the Quad Zone Conference in Rapid City on Thursday. Elder Snow of the Church Historical was there to address and teach us. We learned much on how to involve members and strengthen investigators.
FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!
This is very funny. Our day was very funny. We locked ourselves out of our apartment. Brother Guest helped us break back in. I really appreciate honesty. It is better for us that a person who is trying to be polite but is not interested says so right at the start instead of saying come back later. 5 times later they say no and it was a big waste of time. It would just be more polite to be outright about it so we don't waste time.
Several highlights of the week. Mary Joe asked us if Mormons could have animals.  Ran into a potential named Toad who wants us to cast evil spirits out of his house.  Its finally cooled down.  It was sudden.  An overnight change from 80-90 degrees to suddenly 60. It feels more like Idaho now as the weather is getting drier and colder. I like it.  Talked in Sacrament meeting about the Atonement.  Made some orange juice. Blenders are my best friend right now. I'm experimenting which could be very dangerous. Just kidding on the dangerous part.
The funniest door slam/ approach was on Sunday. There was a house with a football party going on. As we approached the door, someone yelled, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ITS THE MORRRRRMONS!!! As we knocked they asked," come to join the party or just to get a beer and then shut the door on us. I couldn't keep a straight face.
Well, I love you all and will contact you more next week on preparation day. Tell Enoch congratulations for me.
With love,
Elder Davis

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