Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 7: My jail days are over

This week has been interesting. The whole week I have been exhausted, but I have also felt peace in my life. It's interesting to see how even though I'm exhausted I can still be happy. The unthinkable happened on Tuesday: We receive a media referral from Very interesting. They are in Platte South Dakota, but we don't have an address and haven't been able to make contact yet. We'll keep trying though because they requested a missionary visit.
We met with Jerry this week and he really is starting to progress. He has questions about things we give him to read and went from 3 verses per day to 3 chapters. This was all because of a member who bore testimony there. He has felt the spirit as he has read and is accepting everything we teach him. He is striving to quit smoking. The next step for him is to come to church where he can feel the spirit even stronger.
My jail days are over for now because Steven was released. He plans to take his girlfriend to the temple and has really changed. We will stay in contact with him via email. If you have the chance, you should watch the documentary Between Heaven and Earth. It is a great tool for explaining temples. Has great quotes from those not of our faith. We used it to teach the Guests and now their desire to be married has grown and Angelic wants to get sealed. On Thursday, I was interviewed over the phone by President Anderson who wanted to know how I was doing in the 12 week program for new missionaries.
We went to Lower Brule (the reservation) on Thursday. We were led to houses while tracking and found two new investigators. Ronald breeds pit bulls and taught us as well about native beliefs. I like discussing others' faiths and relating their beliefs to ours. It is much better than, "Bible bashing". Sioux beliefs coincide closely with ours. The white buffalo calf is their messenger and resides within them much like the Holy Ghost resides within us. They pray to God, their word is Tunkashila. (I definitely spelt that wrong). Prayer is central in their lives and we were able to testify that it is central to ours as well and that God does answer prayers.
A man called out to us as Mormons and said he respected what we were doing. He compared what we were doing to an experience he had in the desert. There was a broken down car with an overheated engine. He offered water and they said no so he left the water with them anyways, said he was coming back and if they didn't use it he would pick them back up. He came back and the jugs were still full. That's a lot like missionary work. We ask to share a message, but are rejected, but we try to help people come closer to Christ.
Made a flyer for general conference. It says, "Come hear a living prophet's voice." It will hopefully catch people's attention and draw them to the Gospel. Had a Pow Wow on Saturday that we went to for an hour. It was a lot of fun and we were able to talk with one of our potential investigators named Brent Charger. The rest of the day consisted of painting Brother Guest's deck. We are planning on getting members to help more in his service rather than just us to help fellowship him back to church and reactivate him into the ward with his wife Angelic. I've also come to the conclusion that all missionaries paint something for service at least once in their mission.
On Sunday, we had the lesson in Priesthood/Relief Society/Sunday school. branches are really interesting. Anyway, It went well and was actually on the talk I gave for my farewell. Also had a Baptist yell at us out a door that we weren't Christian and that it is through faith and grace alone that we are saved. Also that we can't add or take away from the Bible. Revelations as a source for that. It annoys me that people don't think we are Christian especially when we meet their definition of what a Christian is. I also am trying not to Bible Bash as it is called because it takes away the spirit very quickly.
I love you all
Elder Davis

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