Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 10: Pray often and sincerely express gratitude for blessings.

Got a haircut this week.

Jerry is doing really well. We asked him to pray before he reads and he says it’s helping him to understand the Book of Mormon more. He also has read 8 chapters in 3 days. He really is getting close, but he just needs that extra push to get to church and not stay home because it’s easier.

We met a lady who shared an experience of dying and coming back to life with us. She said there were a lot of warm voices welcoming her, but she said not now and went back. It was interesting. She was interested in family history and thanked us for the records on She got over 7000 names in her personal records now because of the interest the Church gave her in finding out about her ancestors one day while she was in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately she wasn't interested. 

I started taking Elder Bednar's advice when he says, "read through the Book of Mormon with a question in mind and highlight all the references to that question. By the end of your life you should have around 80 or 90 books."

We had exchanges this week so I went with Elder Perkins while Elder Schneringer went with Elder Paskett. Jerry is actually up to 1 Nephi 18 by now and is going strong in reading. Now he just needs to ask our Father in Heaven if it's true.

Saturday was a highlight for the week. The River City Band Festival is held in Chamberlain so it was an actual Marching Band Competition in both the field and on the streets. It's very interesting the way the whole town of Chamberlain and the surrounding areas view band as a major thing like football.

I know that prayer is the way to receive answers to questions. If you really pray sincerely with the prayer meaning something to you, then it will be more than just "talking to a wall" as one of our very logical investigators says. I know that prayer is where we can express the desires of our hearts to our father in heaven. I know that it helps make days go by easier and will lead to great blessings.

Pray often and sincerely express gratitude for blessings. I love all of you.

With Great Love

Elder Davis

Ps: It's started pouring here in Chamberlain. Last night we had a little leak in our house so we put a bucket under it and it filled up to around 6 inches of water, and that was with a small drip in our house. It wasn't with outside. It's still raining today, but we are dry with umbrellas and it's died down quite a bit. The street gutters here turn into fast streams really quickly and I think they don't really have a shortage of water ever. The highest fire danger sign I've seen is a moderate danger of fire. Also the clouds here are amazing because of all the moisture that's in the air. I really enjoy looking up at them now.

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