Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 11: Kimchee is really disgusting

On p-day tried to make scones, but ended up with a lot of hush puppies at first. Then I realized I don't need that much oil and made some pretty good fry bread with some biscuit mix we received from the Barth's. Got some "ELDER"berry jam to try, it’s really good. I'm still going to try to make scones again, this time better.

So many more clouds here and when it rains, there is a mist above the river that is really interesting. A lot of times as well it just mists with the moisture already in the air and then getting us wet as we walk into it.

Had a lesson with Jerry where we read from the Book of Mormon. He prayed afterwards and said he felt the spirit. It was great and perfect. Also met with someone studying to become a catholic deacon, He reads a lot and didn't accept the Book of Mormon because he wouldn't have time to read it. It was a great lesson though and the first on my mission where it felt more like a discussion and not just a lecture from us. We have resolved to make this every lesson that we teach.
Jerry was also able to teach us something that we'd never thought of while reading the Book of Mormon fulfilling the promise that as we teach by the spirit, both missionary and investigator will be edified together. Had a lesson after our weekly planning session with the Stivers, they are less active and his wife is from Korea. It went well and felt like home teaching visit.

On Friday we had Zone training in Pierre and we met someone there that was a member from Utah up hunting. It really is a hunting state here because we have seen a lot of people coming in to hunt pheasants and supposedly Chamberlain is the pheasant hunting capitol of the world. Had a great meeting and afterwards got my winter clothing.

Tried Kimchee on Friday, It's really disgusting.
One of the highlights for the week was a lesson with two new investigators named Ron and Amy. They go to an evangelical free church meaning it’s non-denominational with no head of the church, just local leadership. They went well as we answered their questions in a discussion about religion environment where we had several opportunities to testify and they had opportunities to feel the spirit. They did so after we testified of how we knew the Book of Mormon was true. They said, "Wow, this makes us want to pray with you now." It was very enriching and we have high hopes for them. We are planning on making cookies for p-day today using a mixture of different ingredients such as oatmeal, chocolate chips, and cinnamon. We'll see how it works out.

I love you all and am grateful for your love as well. Thanks for all your help and support.

With love,

Elder Davis

PS.  A bit from a letter to Dad.
                Jerry got to the book of 2 Nephi and is still reading strong. He's understanding more as well as he's praying for help in understanding and is throwing out profound statements at us that I never would have thought about as such as Arising from the dust 2 Nephi 1-2 being arise from the filth of the world. He is ready to be baptized, and we are going to invite him for November 23 next time we meet with him.


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