Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 12: I've definitely noticed... there is a reason for everything

We made tacos on Monday. Also took some pictures in Oacoma of Elder Paskett wearing a cowboy hat. It was really funny. It was funny also when we received possible service at the food pantry and they thought we were coming to get some food for ourselves. They didn't need help though. Had an opportunity to offer service to the Boy Scouts of America here in Chamberlain. We have to fill out an application and it will help that I'm an Eagle Scout. (Thanks mom for pushing me so hard to get it).
I've definitely noticed this week that there is a reason for everything that happens to us as missionaries and if we pay attention, it applies to everyone else as well. Being in the service of the Lord with all my focus is giving me unique perspective on what life really is about.
Ran into someone on Sunday who said, "I appreciate what you're doing, but right now my Gospel is being preached by Payton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos." We had to smile at that one.
Look up D&C 129. It talks about how you can tell if an angel is from heaven or from the devil. That was a question a Former investigator named Paul had. Funny thing was that Elder Paskett and I were just having a conversation about it the day before. Also, Paul told us how he's studying Hebrew and the Monster energy drink symbol means 666 in Hebrew. No wonder it's so bad for you.
The Guests have officially started to not smoke. They are really going to try. Angelic is going cold turkey and Ben Guest is trying to use chantex when it comes. We gave them a list of inspirational scriptures to help them in their trial of this next week which will be very rough for them.
Jerry is praying for a baptismal date in December. We gave him 4 dates and he is going to pray for one of them so that it is more of a personal thing for him a personal goal to work towards rather than a forced one.
Made cookies and experimented on some recipes. The result was delicious snicker doodles that I accidently made while trying to make chocolate chip. (Too much cinnamon in an experiment actually turned out to be a good thing.)
We had a live district meeting in Winner on Friday which was my first one. It went well. I got Elder Paskett addicted to the snicker doodle cookies.
President Anderson came to Chamberlain for Branch Conference on Sunday. He interviewed us and we had a potluck. We brought our cookies and I guess everyone liked them because there were only 2 left out of about 20. We also were asked to give an older lady a blessing for pain for the third time she had cancer. She is not afraid of dying; she just doesn't want pain until then. Her granddaughter is a member and asked President Anderson for the blessing.
This morning we waxed the car in 37 degree weather. It was great. I love it here in South Dakota and am grateful for the experience of a mission.
I love you.
Elder Davis

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