Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 16: We must act on the principles we learn or they don't do us any good.

This week has been really tiresome. On Monday our pipes backed up because of roots. It was fixed after we noticed it was flooded, but it did it again today so I hope there is a permanent fix for it instead of just a temporary.

We had dinner at a new pizza place in town called the upper crust pizza and wings. We went in ordered and then to our surprise, were told we weren't paying for the meal. Someone else, we don't know who, paid for us. It was good pizza with wheat bread crust.

On Wednesday we went to Mission and Rosebud to give a baptismal interview to Maxine an investigator who was baptized Saturday for the Winner Elders Perkins and Telford.  While we were there we ate at a Chinese buffet.

I made some eggnog that I forgot to whip at first so it was more like pudding until I whipped it and then it was really good. I plan on making some more. (Or I could just buy some at the store.)

On Friday in the middle of our studies we received a phone call from Carla Gould. She asked if we could help her move out. We agreed and got there and to our surprise nothing was packed. We helped her.

She kept ahold of things that she had never used and her apartment was full of things that were new, never been used before and other things. That got me thinking about the scriptures. If we read them and hold onto things we receive without acting on them and using them, then they pile up and never get used resulting in a big mess where nothing improves. We must use the scriptures to enrich our lives. Uplift our souls. John 7:17 shows the importance of doing in order to receive a testimony. We must act on the principles we learn or they don't do us any good.

For thanksgiving we are helping a catholic church provide a dinner to those who have no one to go to for thanksgiving. We are also eating at the Barth's. There will be plenty to do. I guess we don't have to buy a ham and root beer to put into our crockpot.

I love you all,

Elder Davis

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 15: We are merely here to assist the members in THEIR missionary work.

Elder Jacobs came to Chamberlain and is the new District Leader.  We made some tuna casserole with chips, tuna helper, and cheese. It was great, but not as good as mom's.
We started home teaching back up with President Barth directing us.  We invited the Tottons and Sister Kindell to watch the Mormon message by President Hinckley, "Lessons I learned as a young boy." We are focusing on less active members this week as we try to help them return to the fold of God.
We had district conference Saturday in Pierre and stayed the night at the Saunders home. They are a senior CES missionary couple. It was nice being with other missionaries and discussing basic things anywhere from White water Rafting to the new scripture mastery verses in seminary.
On the way back from Pierre, we realized we had forgotten to get gas on Saturday and we couldn't on Sunday. It was a time where we prayed for help. We got back with plenty of gas to spare. I know the Lord has blessed us for helping to serve Him even though it was our fault for forgetting to fuel up.
I learned that transfers are interesting because Elder Jacobs doesn't know this area, but is the senior companion because he's a district leader which made it interesting to adjust to since I didn't really know the schedule for a district leader. It's been a great learning experience and has allowed me to gain new perspectives on what missionary work really is.
All members are missionaries. We are Full time set apart missionaries, but we are only part time in this area. The full, full time missionaries are the members who fellowship others, find others, and also help others receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are merely here to assist the members in THEIR missionary work. It's been a great week.
With great Love,
Elder Davis

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 14: We found someone’s dog following us.

Elder Paskett is being transferred to Glenrock, Wyoming which I heard is near Devil's Tower where Garrett wanted to go rock climbing. Elder Jacobs is coming from Bismarck and will be my new companion as well as the District Leader.

Results of bowling for 2 weeks in a row: first week Elder Paskett: 77 and 111 Me: 75 and 101, second week: (much better) Elder Paskett 145 and 136    Me: 107 and 82

So on Monday we found someone’s dog following us. We took it back and had to wait 20 minutes because they weren't home. They told us to put him in the kennel, but somehow he kept getting out. It worked out though because we wouldn't have had as much success that day if it hadn't happened. It also was the first day it snowed here. I came in the apartment and got drenched because my hair got frozen.

Also met someone named Art from Chicago who is working at St. Joseph's Indian School. He is very open and the spirit was very strong in the lesson we taught him.

So Mary-Joe called us "Men in Black" because of our coats. It was funny.

Jerry came to sacrament meeting!!! He said he felt at home and that he would be coming for a long time. He also wants to be baptized in December. On Sunday I learned the importance of the Sacrament in renewing our covenants. It helped me have a firm desire to share with others the truth and provide them the opportunity to do so as well.

Our job as missionaries is to provide others the opportunity to feel the spirit and choose for themselves. Even if we are rejected, we know we are successful if the spirit is there. That is why I have committed to not argue with others or answer all their questions through rebuttals, but to present my testimony of why the Book of Mormon is important. How it testifies of the Restoration and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as truth. Arguing just drives the spirit away. 50 references in scripture are not as meaningful as people receiving that answer for themselves through revelation. It was a great epiphany that came to me as we taught two lessons in a row where we were rejected for having more scripture even though the spirit was definitely there.

I know that everything is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. All the persuasions of men can never sway me from this knowledge because I have received it from my Father in Heaven. I love it here and want to bring the truth to as many as will listen to our voice.

With great love,

Elder Davis

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 13: Her mom was laughing as she saw us pull the pumpkins out of the car.

The Guests are doing well. Angelic is down to an average of 1 and a half cigarettes per day. (I don't know what the half means, but it must be not smoking an entire cigarette).

 I watched the 100 years of scouting broadcast with Elder Paskett. It was interesting. I thought it would have been fun repelling down from the catwalk like some of the scouts did. I also didn't expect the applause, but since it was a multi-religious thing I guess it is normal. I really liked the song about mom getting her Eagle. That was right. Exactly right. I wouldn't have got it without her.

Meet with the Barth family. We invited them to invite their friends to a pumpkin carving activity. We said we'd get the 3 pumpkins if she would invite them. We got the pumpkins, came back, and enjoyed the stunned look on her face. Her mom was laughing as she saw us pull the pumpkins out of the car. It succeeded in getting people to young men’s and women's mutual.

President Anderson has said that he would like us to start going on splits with ward members to help with home teaching and visiting less active members. Haven't done it yet, but the home teaching assignments are finalized. It should be soon that we do so. It'll be a first for me. I never went on splits with the missionaries, and now it's weird to think that I will be doing so in the opposite way. I'm the missionary and others are coming with me. It'll be exciting.

For Halloween, we thought about carving a pumpkin with President Monson's face on it, but didn't get the time to do so. The best pumpkin I saw was painted by the Barth's daughter. She painted a minion from despicable me. It made me laugh and looks just like one.

We also are trying to figure out how to help with the boy scouts, but we don't want to fill out any applications especially since we won't always be here in Chamberlain.

It's been interesting this week. Valentine Nebraska Elders ran into some Anti-Mormon literature. We have been reading it and finding answers to their attacks on our religion. It has strengthened my testimony knowing that there are no real attacks made, against the church, that can't be answered in scripture to the truth of the Restoration.

Sunday was the best. We taught Jerry and he cried as he prayed at the end for a dear friend of his. The spirit was very strong there. We were also able to testify of Heavenly Father's love for each and every one of us to Patricia. She feels a lot of what we are saying and teaching her is true. We plan to invite her to be baptized next time we see her. Jerry told us that he felt that he needed to go to our church; the answer came to him that day when he missed it. He also said that he was looking forward to being baptized because he knew it was God's will for him to do so.

It's been a great week and we plan to go bowling later tonight. It will be very fun, a great time to relax before we get to work again.

I love you all

Elder Davis