Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 14: We found someone’s dog following us.

Elder Paskett is being transferred to Glenrock, Wyoming which I heard is near Devil's Tower where Garrett wanted to go rock climbing. Elder Jacobs is coming from Bismarck and will be my new companion as well as the District Leader.

Results of bowling for 2 weeks in a row: first week Elder Paskett: 77 and 111 Me: 75 and 101, second week: (much better) Elder Paskett 145 and 136    Me: 107 and 82

So on Monday we found someone’s dog following us. We took it back and had to wait 20 minutes because they weren't home. They told us to put him in the kennel, but somehow he kept getting out. It worked out though because we wouldn't have had as much success that day if it hadn't happened. It also was the first day it snowed here. I came in the apartment and got drenched because my hair got frozen.

Also met someone named Art from Chicago who is working at St. Joseph's Indian School. He is very open and the spirit was very strong in the lesson we taught him.

So Mary-Joe called us "Men in Black" because of our coats. It was funny.

Jerry came to sacrament meeting!!! He said he felt at home and that he would be coming for a long time. He also wants to be baptized in December. On Sunday I learned the importance of the Sacrament in renewing our covenants. It helped me have a firm desire to share with others the truth and provide them the opportunity to do so as well.

Our job as missionaries is to provide others the opportunity to feel the spirit and choose for themselves. Even if we are rejected, we know we are successful if the spirit is there. That is why I have committed to not argue with others or answer all their questions through rebuttals, but to present my testimony of why the Book of Mormon is important. How it testifies of the Restoration and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as truth. Arguing just drives the spirit away. 50 references in scripture are not as meaningful as people receiving that answer for themselves through revelation. It was a great epiphany that came to me as we taught two lessons in a row where we were rejected for having more scripture even though the spirit was definitely there.

I know that everything is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. All the persuasions of men can never sway me from this knowledge because I have received it from my Father in Heaven. I love it here and want to bring the truth to as many as will listen to our voice.

With great love,

Elder Davis

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