Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 16: We must act on the principles we learn or they don't do us any good.

This week has been really tiresome. On Monday our pipes backed up because of roots. It was fixed after we noticed it was flooded, but it did it again today so I hope there is a permanent fix for it instead of just a temporary.

We had dinner at a new pizza place in town called the upper crust pizza and wings. We went in ordered and then to our surprise, were told we weren't paying for the meal. Someone else, we don't know who, paid for us. It was good pizza with wheat bread crust.

On Wednesday we went to Mission and Rosebud to give a baptismal interview to Maxine an investigator who was baptized Saturday for the Winner Elders Perkins and Telford.  While we were there we ate at a Chinese buffet.

I made some eggnog that I forgot to whip at first so it was more like pudding until I whipped it and then it was really good. I plan on making some more. (Or I could just buy some at the store.)

On Friday in the middle of our studies we received a phone call from Carla Gould. She asked if we could help her move out. We agreed and got there and to our surprise nothing was packed. We helped her.

She kept ahold of things that she had never used and her apartment was full of things that were new, never been used before and other things. That got me thinking about the scriptures. If we read them and hold onto things we receive without acting on them and using them, then they pile up and never get used resulting in a big mess where nothing improves. We must use the scriptures to enrich our lives. Uplift our souls. John 7:17 shows the importance of doing in order to receive a testimony. We must act on the principles we learn or they don't do us any good.

For thanksgiving we are helping a catholic church provide a dinner to those who have no one to go to for thanksgiving. We are also eating at the Barth's. There will be plenty to do. I guess we don't have to buy a ham and root beer to put into our crockpot.

I love you all,

Elder Davis

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