Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Week 20: Remember Jesus Christ

Jerry has been the highlight of this whole week. As he has been trying to change his life and repent and become more like the savior, miracles have happened. He received a blessing from President Barth about the Word of Wisdom and he has not had a cigarette since that night. He also has given up coffee. I am super excited for him. We can tell he is genuine because he gave us his last 2 cigarettes to throw away when we felt like we should ask him to. He will definitely be baptized in January.
We made pizza on Thursday. Elder Jacobs has a recipe that is really good. The crust tastes like saltine crackers and I put spiracha hot sauce (the rooster sauce) on mine and it gave it a wonderful flavor without too much heat. I was a great mix with Ragu sauce. The Guests have also commited to quit smoking by New Year's I think it will be done because they seem to feel whole hearted this time.

On Sunday evening we sang in an interfaith Christmas Cantata. It was a lot of fun and also has helped people open up to us in this Christmas season. Always remember Christ is the reason for the season.

One last thing that has strengthened my testimony of this work, we had a lesson with a family that was really interesting. We walked in and there were several temptations that Satan placed there to get us to falter. This was because Satan knew that the family we were teaching was super prepared for us to be there. It was the best lesson I've had on my mission. They were really receptive, and out of filthy temptations there was a special spirit that was felt that will help them recognize us a servants of Christ and it both edified us as well as them.

I've made a connection about Christmas. Our best Christmas memories are of family. This is not a coincidence. Christmas is all about Christ and His love for us. It is about His Gospel. The principles of the Gospel can best be learned in a family environment. Family life is most likely to succeed when centered in the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my testimony that the reason families are the center memory of Christmas is so that we can recognize this. We have the great opportunity to share the Gospel in our families. Let us do so around Christmas as we commemorate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, the center of the Gospel. I love each and every one of you and am grateful for the Gospel in my life. I love Christmas. It is a great time to remember Jesus Christ and His Atonement for us. It is a time we can change our lives through His sacrifice for us and improve just in time for the New Year and its resolutions. I know this work is true and that there is no other living and true church upon the face of the Earth. Nothing has sealed that testimony more than being out here and seeing what other Churches believe. There is nothing better than the Gospel. Keep it in your hearts and you will be greatly blessed this season. I love serving here in Chamberlain. I know I am needed here and that God is with us in this great work. He will not let us fail.

With great love,

Elder Davis

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