Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 27: It's cold here

It's cold here, but not as much wind. It looks a lot like Island Park. My new companion is Elder Smith from Eagle Mountain Utah. I seem to be getting a lot of companions from Utah. To get here, I spent 10 hours riding in vehicles, 8 in a 15 passenger van and 2 in a car. It is still a Chevy cruse 2013 and is blue this time instead of silver, probably because there is snow everywhere in drifts. Bagley is a half hour away from Bemidji which has the population of Blackfoot. Bagley has 1,300 people in it.
The last week can be described in one word: Different. I am in a different area, different companion, and a different perspective on the work. I look forward to the challenges ahead and am grateful to be here in Bagley. To start off, I thought a new area would be just the same as an old one just doing the same things with a different branch and companion. I guess that's not the case. It is a lot different and the majority of the people are Norwegian or Swedish.

We had lunch with our Elder's quorum President in Bemidji because we had to go there to get the car estimate. I guess before I got here they were sideswiped one day by someone who then drove off. They came out one morning and there it was. We think it was probably a snow plow.
We visit Val Chevalier who is a less active member not by choice. She is in a retirement home and we bring her the sacrament each week. It was a very spiritual experience having her explain how we don't know how much it means to her that we do that. The sacrament is very important. It helps cleanse us and give us strength to face the week and is a spiritual (battery recharge).
On Saturday we spent the day serving President Nicewander who remodels houses and then rents them out for a hobby because he is retired. It was a lot of fun working on a house and cleaning up. I love serving others because we are serving God by doing so. (See Mosiah 2:17).
Our church house is 14 miles away in Clearbrook. This is the first town where I've seen people in pj's at 4:30 pm. It was very surprising.
Leaving Chamberlain was harder than I thought, but I am slowly learning to appreciate it here and grow in charity for the branch and people here in Bagley. I love each of you.

Elder Davis

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