Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 28: You know you are in a big city in this mission when you have a Walmart in your town.

So on P-day we ended up playing dodge ball and HORSE with the basketball. I wasn't too good at the basketball or the dodge ball part. Elder Nixon told us about his crazy trip to Ecuador. He also made an impossible shot at the hoop by chance. It hit the back of the rime bounced straight up into the air and landed in a swoosh. It made the day. Our oven is interesting because it doesn't have a heat setting. It is a gas oven and stove. They really heat up quickly. (I burnt some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls) We talked with an investigator named Deana. Her main interest is the Book of Mormon and how it closely matches the prophesies of her native Ojibwe tribe religion. She was found by Elder Christensen and Elder Smith when they prayed to know what house they should knock on.

On Wednesday we went to Thief River Falls, a town Northwest of Bagley. It has about 8,000 people. The joke is that "you know you are in a big city in this mission when you have a Walmart in your town." Anyway we offered service with President Nicewander to Sister Oce. She owns a curiosity shop there. We tore down drywall and also sanded drywall and sheet rocked. I looked like a ghost afterwards before I dusted off. After that we traveled to Detroit Lakes and then on to Fargo, North Dakota for Zone Conferences. The Conference focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon and also on how we as missionaries set the example for investigators in their efforts to repent. We spent the night in Fargo with Elder Walker and his companion. We woke up and did 500 pushups throughout the apartment. Elder Walker contributed over 200 and I did about 100. Needless to say my arms were pretty sore the next couple of days from all the service we had been doing and also from the pushups.

It was a great week and the time is going by fast. I know that as we serve the Lord and put him first we have greater happiness. I love you.

Elder Davis

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