Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 30: I really enjoyed working with Elder Smith and the Spirit

So On Monday we took some pictures in Bemidji of Babe and Paul Bunyan. They have some giant statues there that I guess are famous. I guess Bemidji is the origination of the Paul Bunyan legend. I also grabbed some Idaho Potatoes because I wanted a good baked potato meal. It was great. I smelled inside the bag and smelt the Idaho soil that I haven't smelled for 6 months and it smelled great and reminded me of home.

To help people progress this week we have prayed and come to the conclusion we need to follow up better. As we have done this and emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon and used it more in teaching, our investigators are progressing and our teaching is getting more powerful. Our teaching seems to be more directed towards their needs and edifies all who are present. President Sparhawk is taking more responsibility and fellowshipping our investigators at church without even being asked to. Later, they commented on how wonderful it was that he had done so and how it made them want to come back. I have been studying how to better my prayers. As I have applied the suggestions I've noticed the difference it makes and prayers are more refreshing and edifying. Elder Smith is doing quite well at taking on the responsibilities of the area as senior companion despite the stress. He truly cares about the people here and it shows in the way he not only teaches them but also in how he talks about them with me. I appreciate that in him and am seeking to emulate it.

Wednesday was very windy. It was -10 by the end of the day with 40 mph winds. We had dinner with the Osmunsen family and had to stay overnight because the drifts were impassible and our car would get stuck because it is front wheel drive. It was nice and warm inside and we had no problem. We stayed inside most of this week because of the cold weather, but we also had a car where we could get out to specific teaching appointments.

Jessie Tollufsen asked us this week to share a message with him about oranges and deliciousness. We decided to read Alma 32 with him. It was a great lesson and helped him understand the importance of nourishing faith by reading the scriptures.

Saturday was another day of service at President Niswander's house he is remodeling for the purpose of renting out. We sanded and textured the walls and ceiling in the living room. It took all day from 10 till 4:30. It was worth it though.

Sunday was great. Despite it being -22 outside we still had church and Mia came with a friend!!! We were super excited. Afterwards we had a lesson with Mia and Marie (her friend) discussing faith and reading from Alma 32 again. It was a wonderful lesson. I really enjoyed working with Elder Smith and the Spirit to help their understanding grow. We will be teaching them again on Thursday. Marie wants to come back to church and have her daughter baptized. We will invite her to be baptized as well probably in the next lesson. I have learned to rely on the Lord and on the Spirit when teaching. I know that when we rely on the Lord he will not let us fail because this is his work and we are his servants. I love it here.

Last night we had steak at President Niswander's house and it was very good. Also, a funny thing we have done is throwing boiling water out the window into -20 degree weather and watching the resultant cloud as the water evaporates before it hits the ground. We tried dying the water orange with Hawaiian Punch mix and throwing it out and incredibly it turned the water cloud orange as well. It was a lot of fun for being stuck inside during the weather.

I love all of you very much,

Elder Davis

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  1. I knew Niswander's in Bemidji! I wonder if they are the same ones? I love to hear about him going into Bemidji since I have so many good memories there :)