Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 34: At church, we had 3 investigators show up.

Dodge ball again for P-day last week and today I think we will be bowling and also getting haircuts.

That night we had a lesson with Mia and had her crush her cigarettes. She has now quit for at least 6 days and is struggling a little, but still hasn't given in to the temptation. The stop smoking program is helping her. She says the grapefruit juice brings back memories of her dad and that the cinnamon mouthwash has a good taste like big red gum for almost half the day after the morning.

Wednesday was another service day with President Niswander. We helped pull tile off his bathroom wall so he could re-tile it. It reminded me of when we did so when we lived in Chubbuck and redid the bathroom shower. Some of the tile was really annoying because it didn't just come off, it was stuck hard to the wood and had to be chipped off. It was hard and we felt like stonecutters.

I tried making biscuits this week, but they turned out more like cookies because we didn't have any baking powder so they didn't rise in the oven. Other than that though they turned out pretty good. Needless to say I have bought some today and will try again. They should work out a lot better this time. Mia gave us some of the grapefruit juice to try. It isn't Ruby Red. It is raw, unsweetened white grapefruit juice. It was very bitter. I also made tuna casserole for dinner again and it was very satisfying. (So far it's the only meal that I can say that I cook really well. And that's because it is easy.)

District meeting this week was really funny. To emphasize how we can't force the Gospel to someone, Elder Smith chucked a watermelon at Elder White. He then tried pushing it into his mouth. They had come up with this ahead of time. It was very effective because the whole watermelon (or whole Gospel) is good, but not all at once. It is overwhelming. But you don't need to get the whole Gospel to know that it is good. Just one scoop of Watermelon will tell you if the watermelon is very sweet and desirable. It's the same way with the Gospel.

On Saturday we helped again at the Geary house. I learned how to stain wood. Elder Smith learned how to lay flooring. It's getting pretty windy here now that it's warming up for spring. Yesterday was great, 50 degrees. Even with the wind blowing it felt amazing.

At church, we had 3 investigators show up. Alvin, Leslie, and Mia. Leslie bore her testimony. After the meeting we had a great Sunday school lesson on how historical finding help show that the Book of Mormon is very much possible. The only true way to know however is to pray and read for yourself to know if it’s true. We had two lessons after church. One with Deana, and the other with Jessie. Deana had questions about the purpose of life and said she really understood Alma. 34:32 and how it means that we prepare to meet God in this life. Jessie wanted to read the book of Enos and was impressed by many of the things there. He believes the Book of Mormon is true and loves learning from it. He likes it when we visit with him as well.

I have really enjoyed this week as well as others. It has flown by fast. It was Monday. Then it was Tuesday. Then it was Friday. And now it’s Monday again and it happened seemingly in a day. It's interesting how much time blurs while you are on a mission. Days become weeks and weeks become months. There have been many occasions where I have lost track of the day of the week temporarily. Also, I can't believe it's already April. Time went by fast after I changed companions for the first time, but now that I've changed areas, time is flying by faster than it ever has been. I love it out here.

I love all of you.


Elder Davis


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