Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 35: April fool’s day was funny

Monday was spent all day in Bemidji while our car was being fixed. Shopping in the morning was very nice because it wasn't rushed like it usually is in the afternoon. But that's what happens in a town of 15,000 people in the city limits and almost 80,000 spread out outside it in the country. (I learned that the other day from President Niswander). It answered my confused question of how Bemidji was so big for being a town the size of Blackfoot.
We had fun this past week at P-day couponing different restaurants like Arbby's for the cheapest food and the most value. It was great and we also did the same thing for district meeting on Friday after the meeting. I made curry that night as well as homemade biscuits. When I combined the two it was very good.

April fool’s day was funny. The weather played a cruel joke on us. March 31 no snow 55 degrees. April 1 a lot of snow and 10 degrees. I think I mentioned this last time, but it still is worth mentioning again. The rest of the day was spent helping the Niswanders. We learned how to put up baseboards and trim.
Deana is doing well. She is reading her assignments. The last one was on the tree of life because she was interested in visions. She liked it and understood most of it. We answered the rest of her questions.

On Thursday night we traveled to Bemidji to stay the night so that in the morning we could pick up our car. It wasn't finished until later that night though so we were once again stuck in Bemidji for a while until the car was finished at 5. President Niswander also took us to a home sport and travel show where there were a lot of exhibits that reminded me of the Eastern Idaho State Fair. We were able to talk to many people and discuss the Gospel a little bit with them. It was very nice.
Elder Walker received for his birthday a cd with the Bible on it. The person reading the Bible was none other than the actor who played Darth Vader and whose voice is also Mufasa. It was pretty awesome listening to his voice. I was imagining him reading the Bible on the Death Star to the emperor. That was a funny thought.

General Conference was amazing. My favorite talk was Elder Bednar's. I also really liked Elder Scott's because he helped us realize how to teach people better. I will be printing off a lot of talks when they become available.
In between sessions on Saturday, Mia Thompson got married to Quinn Sargeant. They are now living the law of chastity. The day after the wedding we saw them, and they already look happier. We can tell that the spirit can more abundantly bless them in their home now that they are living the law of Chastity. Their happiness gives that away

My favorite story from Conference Was Elder Uchtdorf's from the Priesthood session. "Don't even think about it." It really made me laugh.
I appreciated Elder Ballard's talk as well. It has inspired me to share a little bit of what I have been learning from Preach my Gospel. I was in Chapter 2 How to study effectively. I learned why conference was so good. There was an activity relating how Joseph received inspiration to pray. I learned that like Joseph before his prayer, before conference my mind was continually searching for answers and God was able to illuminate statements that helped my needs because of it. Just like Joseph was touched by James 1:5 I was touched by several statements made from all of the speakers.  We have decided as a companionship to study the general conference talks often. They will help us in our efforts. Especially Elder Ballards and Elder Scotts. I've been studying in 2 Timothy. I've learned that our afflictions our there for our learning and growth just as Elder Bednar explained we need our loads. I never would have learned things I now know or acquired traits I now have if it weren't for some form of affliction to bring me closer to and rely on Jesus Christ.

So the weather is now beautiful. 60 degrees and I can wear a short sleeve shirt with no problem. I really am excited because now Elder Smith and I won't have to suffer from Spring fever anymore, (this is mostly because today was deep clean P-day). The P-day that happens every 6 months after conference that every elder is afraid of which requires most of the day. It wasn't as bad as we thought though and we are done early so we can go bowling in Bemidji. (We didn't go last week because of time, but we can now this week). The Lord is truly blessing us in the work. I know that as we work together and as you share insights from your study of Preach my Gospel as Elder Ballard suggested, we will accomplish miracles. I look forward to this.
I love each of you,

Elder Davis

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