Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 42: Crazy week this one, we never have a dull moment here in Minnesota.

Crazy week this one, we never have a dull moment here in Minnesota. So much so that the activities that we have planned for when there is a dull moment and we need to work haven't been needed. We haven't actually had to tract this week. People have come to us or we have just talked to then on the streets. It has been wonderful seeing the work get done here in Bagley.

We got a media referral for Mahnomen MN. Mahnomen is actually the Ojibwe word for Wild Rice.

So on Tuesday we loaded up our bikes onto the bike rack and headed out to Mahnomen. We ended up biking around town to find Less Active Members there and trying to find William Kimbler's address. (Without a map this was interesting especially in a town like Mahnomen where 3rd street is in several different places.)

Before we headed out there though we found a lady raking here yard on the first sunny day in a while. So of course we offered to help and raked it up. She rewarded us with grape juice and also told us a little about her. We will probably get the branch involved in her yard because there is a tree that needs to come down and all sorts of other up keeping to do. She couldn't do this by herself because she is a widow.

In the process of finding William's house we met with a part member family: the Scotts. Jessica was originally from Cedar City Utah and had moved out here 12 years ago. She said she was glad we stopped by because her 6 month old baby needed to be blessed in church. We related that information to president Niswander and she might actually have that done in Detroit Lakes which is closer to Mahnomen than Clearbrook is. We shared Moroni 10:32-33 with her and bore our testimonies on how Christ is there for us at all times both good and bad. We thought we deserved a good meal after that undertaking of biking all day so we made some curry chicken. Well we attempted to. It was good, but there was a lot of smoke involved afterwards and greasy clean up.

 So I guess I'm getting more acclimated here in Minnesota because I accidentally said "Doncha Know" to Elder Briggs which made him laugh and me laugh afterwards after I realized what I had done.

In Thief River Falls this week we tried to see some part member families that our Elder's Quorum President hasn't been able to see in a long time. They also haven't been to church except on Easter since I've been here and they used to come every other week. So we are trying to figure that one out. On the way there we saw an open to the public library box full of books people had donated. The idea being, donate a book or take one. They also wanted you to leave a short note with the book. So of course naturally Elder Briggs and I decided to take advantage of this perfect opportunity and place a Book of Mormon inside with a card with our names and phone number. Hopefully somebody will take it and be very interested and give us a call.

On Thursday Mia asked us if we could help her clean out her garage for a rummage sale. We agreed and it was pretty dusty in there. The result was a success and she thanked us for helping her. Later that night I decided to try again at making fry bread this time using the special "cheat" that Mia had suggested I use. The result was very delicious. So I can make scones now from scratch which makes me very happy because they are really good that way and also can be used for tacos and all sorts of other things. So I'm going to make some for the next potluck that we have in Clearbrook which will be on the third Sunday in June.

Saturday was our biggest day this week. It is full of miraculous experiences which I attribute to the Lord and how much we have been biking. We bikes the 8 miles to Ebro and drank plenty of PowerAde to help us get there. When we were there we had a great lesson with a less active member Andre Chevalier who wants to change his life. He has stopped smoking a pack a day and is down to about 3 per day. This was even without our help encouraging him! We then taught him the Word of Wisdom and he asked for a blessing to help him out. After his lesson we talked with Jessica. She was very prepared to receive the gospel and had questions for us about what we believed in the Nicene counsel which was where they took many books out of the Bible. As a result she accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon and will truly do so. She also made us some really good sandwiches because we hadn't eaten yet. We can tell that she has lots of real intent.

One of the biggest miracles this week happened right after that lesson while we were walking back to our bikes to ride back to Bagley. As we were doing so a guy named Shawn drove up to us and asked us if we would like a ride to our bikes. We readily agreed because this would be an opportunity to talk to him about the gospel. We were further surprised to hear him offer us a ride back to Bagley. We agreed and he proceeded to ask us questions and we had a good discussion. He wants to change his life and go on the path God wants for him. He told us that for some reason "The Big Guy Upstairs wanted me to stop and offer you guys a ride." Our mouths pretty much dropped as we realized that the Lord was bringing people to us for the first time in my mission and not having us be brought to them.

After Church this week we had lunch with the Niswanders who fed us fish. The type was Northern and they are pretty much the best fish that I have ever had my entire life it was even much better than walleye.

Memorial Day was really good. We had the opportunity to go with Mia to a Pow wow and to her Father and sister's grave in Rice Lake. It was a very good time. And now we are here emailing on a Tuesday because our P-day was moved to today. Wow it's been a very nice week in weather and also in missionary work. I really enjoy being here and being an instrument in the Lord's hands to help bring people into the fold of God. I love each of you so much.

With Love,

Elder Davis

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 41: If I had to describe this last week in one word it would be blessed.

If I had to describe this last week in one word it would be blessed. I feel extremely blessed. After some very hard spiritual trials and the exhausting work of being in a small area, we have learned how to rely upon Heavenly Father and he is truly blessing us. Although we are still working harder physically than I have ever worked I don't feel as worn down. I have been able to find spiritual strength from Heavenly Father throughout the week to keep me going despite the physical challenges of biking. We have biked a lot this week. We had two trips. Each was about 16 miles round trip. But those trips have truly blessed us. To start off, we had exchanges this week. Elder White came with me to Bagley and we had some amazing spiritual experiences. It started off with dinner at Applebee's with Sister Anderson in Bemidji. It was a great dinner and provided us with the strength and nourishment necessary for us to work hard throughout the night in the soaking wet rain.
We had a very powerful lesson that night with Jessie that Heavenly Father blessed us with. He was able to clearly see the need for baptism and he desires to be baptized and wants to learn more about its purpose and what it can do for him.
Tuesday was spiritually rejuvenating. Elder White and I decided to eat breakfast at the Lighthouse. It is a great place to contact people because the people who are there either are in a place where they need the Gospel in their lives or already believe in Jesus Christ. We can have some very good discussions there. And we did this morning with a man named Justin. He had heard of the church, met with missionaries before in the Cities, (I had to catch myself there. The cities is a term used in MN to mean Minneapolis and St. Paul), and had already read from the Book of Mormon. He had several questions for us. One of them was the one pretty much everyone here asks which is that there can't be any more scripture. We were able to testify to him that MAN was commanded and could not add to scripture, but that God never said that HE wouldn't add more to scripture.

His second question was on baptisms for the dead and also about how lucky we are to have temples. We testified of the importance of temples and also answered his concerns about baptisms for the dead. We were able to not only resolve his concerns, but also to help him desire to learn more about the temple and also the restored Gospel. We are going to see him again tonight and share the video "Between Heaven and Earth" to teach him more about temples.
He also told us something that was very amazing. He said that he had already seen the fruits of our church and compared them with other Christian faiths and that he knew that our fruits were greater and more desirable. He said those two issues were the only things holding him back from accepting the Gospel and joining the church. He has been amazingly prepared to learn the Gospel and apply it into his life and we are so grateful for that.
Wednesday was a lot of paperwork. To help President Niswander and the branch better fulfill their goals for the missionary work in this area, we are going through the ward roster and finding members that we haven't ever met. We cut up a spare roster and started the long process of sorting out the names by towns and cities and alphabetically. This took most of the day until we had to leave for Fargo to get to a service project that was occurring the night before Zone Conference. We stopped in Detroit Lakes MN to pick up the Elders there and decided for some reason to eat at Quiznos instead of Subway. (Mostly because none of us had ever eaten there and had heard it was really good.) So while we were there preparing our sandwiches, one of the employees started asking Elder Briggs where his church was at. Elder Briggs of course told him where it was because he had served in Detroit Lakes before. The other Elders were super excited and the employee promised to come to church on Sunday. There is always a reason for everything we do. Everywhere we are at the Lord is either guiding us to those who are ready and need the Gospel or he is bringing them to us. Either way this realization has helped me be more bold and loving with everyone that I come into contact with and as a result we are being blessed with more people to teach and are having more powerful lessons with our current investigators.

We stayed the night with a family in Fargo/Moorhead area (they are so close together they might as well be the same town except for the fact that Fargo is in North Dakota and Moorhead is in Minnesota). They were very nice and made sure that we felt at home despite being away from our apartments.
Thursday was one of the best Zone Conferences I have ever been to and this was mostly because of all the preparation that we had put into studying for the topics that would be discussed. This allowed us to be in a state of mind to receive revelation because we had already shown the Lord how much we were willing to prepare for the experience and instruction that was going to be presented. I also had to prepare especially hard this time because I was giving a talk on how to manage stress.
We received training on how to invite people to be baptized, how to lead people on the path towards baptism, how to repent in our teaching if we had made errors or hadn't taught clearly. We had plenty of opportunities to role pay or practice teaching and use the skills and principles we had been taught. This has allowed us to become better teachers relying on the spirit to guide us as to what to say and how much time to spend on a certain subject according to the needs of those that we are teaching.
My favorite part was Sister Anderson and President Anderson's training on families and why eternal marriage is so important. It will really help resolve several of our investigators concerns and will help us teach the Law of Chastity better. There is a lot of need for that law in this area of the country. As we learned how important family really was, we were challenged to use this knowledge to contact people and talk to them about their families. Because of this, it has been easier to talk to people even complete strangers because as we talk about the importance of families their hearts are softened and are more receptive to the Restored Gospel.

I also have received strength from the realization that we are doing the Lord's work. I have previously been relying on my own knowledge to try to not offend people as we teach. I was constantly worrying about what to say or what they would think about a particular principle so at times I was afraid to expound and boldly state them. But now I have seen that we are going to offend people, but if we state divine truths and teach by the spirit and not try to teach around their concerns, but stay true to the truth, even if someone gets offended, the spirit will soften their hearts and they will be able to accept the message as truth. This has allowed me to gain faith in the converting power of the Gospel and I will never be shy about fulfilling and declaring our purpose ever again. As a result of this conviction we are being blessed with many people to see and to teach more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, HIS CHURCH.

On Friday we helped Sister Graser put together a playhouse for her daycare kids. She was busy inside with them so she never had any time to do it. She thanked us and bought us pizza. We thought it would take about an hour, but it ended up taking 3 because we had to make the screw holes into plastic and screw the screws in with only a screwdriver and no drill.

Saturday was another long biking day. We decided to bike to Ebro, a small community 8 miles away from Bagley. Our main purpose was in seeing Andre Chevalier, Val's son. It was a great day for biking 75 degrees out with a nice wind to cool us down. We actually got sunburn! Not bad though it went away overnight. Andre was doing alright. He expressed to us his desire to come back to church and asked if we could set up a ride for him to church next Sunday. We of course readily agreed. He is stuck in Ebro without a license and without a car. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he thanked us for taking the time to come see him. We testified of the importance of the Book of Mormon in giving us strength to overcome our trials and committed him to read from it every day. We have set up visits with him every Saturday which means we will have a 16 mile bike ride every Saturday. I'm glad that the Lord is strengthening us and giving us the muscle we need.
Afterwards we met Marsel Goodwin as we walked up to his house to tract it. We ended up talking to him about his family and also gave him our phone number to call if he ever needed any help with yard work. He of course liked that a lot and told us that he would definitely do so. He also asked us to visit someone across the road named Dwayne Bird. We tried Dwayne and found out that he is in jail until Wednesday so we will try him again next Saturday.
As we were walking up a dusty gravel road at 5:00 in the evening, we ran into Jessica and her young son Marcus flying a kite. We talked a bit about the weather and then our families. We told her who we were and testified of how important families really are. We then asked her if we could teach her later and she said yes next week at 1. So we have a lot of potential going on in this area right now and all because the Lord is seeing fit to bless us as we show forth our diligence in seeking what is right and doing hard work.
Sunday was Stake Conference. We streamed it over the internet because we didn't have the invitation to come to Fargo nor did we have the miles to use in getting there again. We watched it with Mia in her home. It was very inspiring and focused a lot on serving the Lord first before we serve ourselves. I would say that this is an important principle to learn in life, that our primary purpose here in this life is to serve God first. He then will take care of us. I have found this to be true on my mission as well. As I have served Him first before I do what I want to do, fun just happens and comes out of nowhere. I am truly grateful to have learned this principle.

President and Sister Anderson also spoke there on joy that comes from serving God and also on how the gathering of Israel and all that the Lord has promised is taking place. Then an area 70 talked on how tithing, living high standards, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ help us have higher "building standards" that protect us from the various earthquakes "temptations and trials" of life.
We had a wonderful lesson with Deana afterwards that focused on God's love for us, how understanding the Gospel will help her and her family both here and for the eternities. She readily accepted the idea of prophets and how they help our families stay true to the Gospel. We shared Jacob 4:4,6 with her and testified that by listening to the prophets and also by living the Gospel and relying on Christ's Atonement, our faith will be unshaken. It was very powerful and the spirit was there.

We had another fun biking trip of about 15 miles round trip as we tried to find a Less Active Member in the country. She wasn't there, but we learned from that experience that God will strengthen us as we serve Him. I am super glad for today because I am exhausted and need this day of rest and relaxation to help recover from the amazing and physically tiring effects of this last week. I love it here in Bagley. There is such a great feeling of potential and a lot of work to be done. I love the members here. I love the people, and I love all of you. I am grateful to be able to consecrate all of my time and my talents to the Lord as I serve Him here in Bagley and in the mission field. There is more joy in me now than I can even begin to describe. I know that God loves each of us and wants us to return to Him. This is His work and His glory. I know that we cannot fail as we turn to Him. I am so grateful to bring this to others. I love this opportunity and have been preparing my whole life to serve Him here on a mission in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission. I wish each of you a good week and hope the best for you.
With love,

Elder Davis

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 40: We knocked on his door and...

We had an interesting lesson with Jessie this week. Of course all the meetings with Jessie are interesting since he is so random. We were standing out in the rain while it was pouring down. We were going to ask him for a time we could come by for a lesson and he said now wasn't a good time, but that if we had a good thought in our hearts that we should say it. So we decided to pray with him and talk with him about the importance of reading the scriptures daily in our lives and how it helps us focus our day around Christ and keep ourselves strengthened and fortified against temptation. We of course had prepared for a random situation like this by planning a lesson towards his needs and role playing it. It turned out to be a great lesson. He didn't want to meet with us at first, but I guess he thought we were going to have a big 45 minute lesson with him. We only had a 10 minute lesson and were being pounded by rainwater the whole time, but it was great and he committed to read the Book of Mormon daily. I learned from this experience that a lesson can be as short as it needs to be as long as we are inviting someone to act on the message we share and commit them to do something. By so doing we are inviting them to repent and change their lives. We are fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. We ended with a great prayer and then ran into a surprise. Jessie's friend Christopher came up to him to hang out. We ended up starting a conversation with him with no idea what to say, but as we listened to his concerns he started telling us about his relationship with Jesus Christ. Because we were bold in declaring our purpose and because we testified of how we can share with him Christ's love for us and the purpose in our lives. In other words because we listened and cared about his feelings and strove to invite him to come closer to Christ, Christopher has agreed to let us come by and share the Gospel with him. That rainy day instantly seemed brighter to us after that.
I suppose this week will be a lot of testifying about being where Heavenly Father needs us to be at the right time that he needs us to be there. We have had many experiences with this and it never ceases to amaze me how willing Heavenly Father is to do this and bring us to people or bring them to us as long as we are ready, willing, and bold to talk with as many people as we see on the street.  As we have consecrated ourselves and our wills to God and sought His will and what he would have us do, we have seen many mighty miracles in even the small area of Bagley Minnesota.
These are some experiences of this. A lot of it happened on Wednesday. We decided that we would  take our bikes up with us to Thief River Falls and along the way stop in McIntosh to find some Less Active members and set up Home Teaching visits for President Niswander and the rest of the branch. We would then report this information to them and thus update the records for the branch directory. A much needed service. So we looked at a name Michael McCabe. We knocked on his door and there was no answer so we decided that since we had biked all that way that we would tract a little in the area. Well the next door we knocked on was an older couple who was being moved that day to a nursing home and needed comforting. We prayed with them and after visiting a while went back to grab our bikes. We saw a car in front of brother McCabe's house so decided to knock again. We were brought inside and after a small getting to know you visit he expressed his thanks for us coming. He said that he was just thinking about the best way to get a blessing for the arthritis in his back when we knocked on the door. We were there for him when the Lord needed us to be. It was a testimony builder to me to know that the Lord places us where we need to be.
So we were deciding on that point whether we should go all the way to Thief River Falls and have only an hour there or if we should not use the miles and stay in McIntosh or Fosston before going back to Bagley. We chose to go to TRF. When we got there we visited Sister Ose's store and found out that she was hoping that we were coming up to TRF that day even though we didn't have a ride there and would have to drive ourselves. She also needed a blessing. I am grateful for the inspiration that came to Elder Briggs and me in this regard and how we were able to help the Lord best by listening to Him and not doing what we desired to do.
Thursday was more service for the senior center. We scrubbed down refrigerators and counter tops. Afterwards we helped answer Mia's questions about the Light of Christ and showed her the Patterns of Light Mormon message. It was very powerful and she liked it a lot.
Friday was spent all day in Bemidji again as we did an oil change, maintenance check, and fixed an error in the car that hadn't been completely fixed last time we took it in. After that we had a great District meeting where we focused on how sharing our experiences in the Gospel help others progress towards baptism and confirmation and overcome barriers to doing so. We then got haircuts and drove back to Bagley to plan and study for our future lessons and talks. We also ended up burning some French toast that we tried making for dinner. Too much sugar crystallized so we had the fans going all night.
Mother's day was GREAT!!! We talked in sacrament meeting and we also visited with Val and wished her a happy mother’s day. Then we had the opportunity of Skypeing home. That was amazing. I was so glad to see everyone's faces and hear their voices. Thanks for all that you do for me. I especially loved talking to Mom. I am so grateful for her sacrifices that she makes for me all the time. I love her so much and she is amazing!
After the call we ate dinner at the Niswanders. We helped them make curry chicken. It was very good and involved rice, coconut milk, chicken, sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas, onions, and of course curry!!! It was a great meal.
I have had a very great week and am looking forward to this upcoming week. We will have a service project as a zone and also zone conferences in Fargo. I will be able to see Elder Smith again and will also be able to be interviewed by President Anderson and get some very helpful suggestions on how to best help the work here in Bagley grow.
I love each of you!!!!!
With love,
Elder Davis

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 39: I am so happy to be serving here in Bagley for the Lord

What a crazy week this has been. So much has happened it's hard to get it all out but I will do my best. Monday was crazy! There was rain pouring down all day long. Elder Smith and I stopped at a Tesoro station on Monday to look for t-shirts to take home to remember Minnesota. We got there and of course I had to get one too. There were a lot of x-large and not a lot of Larges. It went from Medium to small to XL. We finally found two forest green ones though and they look great. After a very fun P-day of running around and well having fun together as a district before Elder Smith left. But after that fun time Elder Smith had to say goodbye to Mia. It was hard for Elder Smith and even harder for Mia, but she is doing fine now.
Tuesday involved a lot of driving... Down to Fargo and then back to Bagley. 200 miles each way so it was a long drive and the fasted we could go was 55 on the Minnesota highway back. We got back around 10:30 and we left about 7 ish. Also got to see Elder Jacobs in Fargo as he made his way to Dickinsen on the Transfer van. I am now with Elder Briggs. He is from Nibley Utah which is close to Logan and Paradise Utah. Elder Jacobs trained him and he is awesome.
Wednesday was spent showing Elder Briggs around town and meeting all the members we could as well as introducing him to Mia. At night we stopped by seminary and ate tater tot "hot dish" because I guess in Minnesota they call casserole "hot dish."
We printed off some pictures that I took of the map of Bagley so that we could increase the size and piece together a giant map of Bagley to use as a reference for future missionaries and ourselves for tracting. It was fun and will prove very useful.
Friday My 20th birthday.
We did a lot today. We started up jogging again in the mornings since it has warmed up. We decided to jog every other day. It was refreshing and woke us right up even though I was getting a little tired beforehand.
We had district meeting and it was about boldly inviting people to be baptized and confirmed. Thus we role played extending the invitation to be baptized and having the investigator have an unknown problem with why they didn't want to be baptized. Mine was that I was afraid of the word priesthood. It was funny and Elder White told us after it was done that he had actually run into people in Wyoming that were afraid of the big unknown terms we use as members of the church every day. He thus had to teach them accordingly and avoid using the words.
We had a crazy coincidence later in the day. We were walking past Daroos pizza and I had to use the restroom so we went inside. Well President and sister Niswander were already there. We also were invited to Mia's house to have a "party" for me. It was great! We ate cake and then after the cake was eaten we ate potato salad. We all had a laugh for forgetting to bring out the salad first.
Leslie also made us all laugh because she was in a hurry to get my attention and instead of saying, "Elder Davis" she slipped on her words and said, "Elvis".
Saturday was crazy! It was very long day and resulted in a lot of work getting done both spiritually and physically. It exhausted us. So we decided to use our bikes to contact a less active member that lived on lower rice lake road. We lds mapped the address and found out that it would take about an hour to get there on bike and that it was about 10 miles away. So we decided to bike there. Very big mistake on our parts because it was actually 15 miles away. So we biked 30 miles in one DAY!!! My legs are still sore from it. We did find the house and we also found a little community on the reservation there called Rice Lake. It is situated on the White Earth Indian Reservation and is where Mia grew up. It was a blessing to find it because I didn't even know it existed and neither did Elder Smith or Elder Briggs. So it was awesome.
We definitely slept well that night. We also made wild rice and curry to eat before we headed out on the little adventure so we were full of energy until we had to come back. It was very hard, but worth it. We left at 2 and didn't get back until 8.
Sunday was great. We had a change in the branch Presidency. President Niswander is now Branch President. Brother Adams is now Elders Quorum President. It was fun hearing all the testimonies of President Niswander's family. They came to Clearbrook for the day even though all of them go to Bemidji. We also had a great potluck with ham fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and cookies and cream cookies. Those are just some of the highlights from the enormous potluck.
After Church we had a great lesson with Alvin and Leslie on the Restoration. They were very interested and they definitely felt the spirit. They are super prepared for the missionary discussions and really want to follow the example Mia has set for them.
 I learned this week the importance of teaching people with a lesson plan. It's helped Elder Briggs and I to work together to create an environment to teach by the spirit.
I am so happy to be serving here in Bagley for the Lord. It has brought great blessings to me and will continue to do so. I love the people here and I love each and every one of you as well.

With love,
Elder Davis

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 38: So Elder Smith is being transferred

So Elder Smith is being transferred to Aberdeen South Dakota and my new companion will be Elder Briggs. Elder Smith is still in the Fargo Zone though so we will still see each other every month for zone training meetings and zone conferences.
Tuesday was spent in a day of service to others. We did more scrubbing at the senior center. It has started to be something that they are very grateful for and are willing to invite us back. That has helped us to be known by more people here in Bagley and more people's hearts are being prepared as a result of our diligent service in the community. We try to find as much service as possible to help let the town know that we are here to serve them not just to selfishly try to knock on their doors and take away from other congregations.
I've tried making fry bread twice since we ate dinner with Sister Mia Sargent last Tuesday. The result was a fried biscuit. It didn't really turn out right, but I am still learning and it still tasted good.
Thursday was weird. The weather was depressing because there was a lot of snow. We took a very funny photo of Elder Smith in the snow with suntan lotion and sunglasses, and shorts and a t-shirt. It's beginning to look a lot like Spring-mas. Well that only lasted a day and now it's raining and dreary outside like spring weather should be in April. I guess the Minnesota weather is off by a month.
On Friday we took our car in to investigate a possible recall on the Chevy Cruze to make sure there wasn't a broken axle. It was fine though so we don't have to worry. No rental car for us :) we were hoping that if there was something wrong we could have every missionary's dream: unlimited miles for a small time. Mia took us out to eat at a pizza place here in town called Daroo's pizza. They make really good pizza and also really good hot subs. While we were there we played pool with Alvin and Leslie two of Mia's relatives that are interested in being baptized when they have learned more. I am not good at pool.
Mia's boy Wynono had a funny experience there. He took some milk and some cops came in for dinner. Mia said that they were coming in for him because he took the milk. His face was very scared and it became even more scared when a cop came right over to our table, leaned over towards Wynono and gave him a sticker. He was super scared. It was really funny.
We removed sheetrock on Saturday with President Niswander so that Elder Smith could do some service for him for the last time. Then we went to the Osmunsons for Elder Smith's "Last Supper." She asked him what he wanted and he said, “Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, and homemade Ice Cream." It was a great meal. While it was being prepared, we went to a nearby gravel pit that looks a lot like Rose Ponds and went off roading again. It was a lot better this time with no snow on the ground. I took 40 pictures of it because we had a blast.
Last night we got a text from our Zone Leaders. It read, "We wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over this last transfer. We had 6 baptisms in the month of April and the mission had 52 baptisms which was the most the mission has ever had in a month. We have had more baptisms so far this year than we had in the first 6 months of last year. The Lord is truly hastening his work here and the best season for missionary work is still ahead of us."
It's really exciting to be here during this great time of the Lord hastening his work. I have enjoyed being a part of this experience and serving a mission at this great time. I love it here in Bagley and I also love serving the Lord. I love each of you.

With love,
Elder Davis