Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 38: So Elder Smith is being transferred

So Elder Smith is being transferred to Aberdeen South Dakota and my new companion will be Elder Briggs. Elder Smith is still in the Fargo Zone though so we will still see each other every month for zone training meetings and zone conferences.
Tuesday was spent in a day of service to others. We did more scrubbing at the senior center. It has started to be something that they are very grateful for and are willing to invite us back. That has helped us to be known by more people here in Bagley and more people's hearts are being prepared as a result of our diligent service in the community. We try to find as much service as possible to help let the town know that we are here to serve them not just to selfishly try to knock on their doors and take away from other congregations.
I've tried making fry bread twice since we ate dinner with Sister Mia Sargent last Tuesday. The result was a fried biscuit. It didn't really turn out right, but I am still learning and it still tasted good.
Thursday was weird. The weather was depressing because there was a lot of snow. We took a very funny photo of Elder Smith in the snow with suntan lotion and sunglasses, and shorts and a t-shirt. It's beginning to look a lot like Spring-mas. Well that only lasted a day and now it's raining and dreary outside like spring weather should be in April. I guess the Minnesota weather is off by a month.
On Friday we took our car in to investigate a possible recall on the Chevy Cruze to make sure there wasn't a broken axle. It was fine though so we don't have to worry. No rental car for us :) we were hoping that if there was something wrong we could have every missionary's dream: unlimited miles for a small time. Mia took us out to eat at a pizza place here in town called Daroo's pizza. They make really good pizza and also really good hot subs. While we were there we played pool with Alvin and Leslie two of Mia's relatives that are interested in being baptized when they have learned more. I am not good at pool.
Mia's boy Wynono had a funny experience there. He took some milk and some cops came in for dinner. Mia said that they were coming in for him because he took the milk. His face was very scared and it became even more scared when a cop came right over to our table, leaned over towards Wynono and gave him a sticker. He was super scared. It was really funny.
We removed sheetrock on Saturday with President Niswander so that Elder Smith could do some service for him for the last time. Then we went to the Osmunsons for Elder Smith's "Last Supper." She asked him what he wanted and he said, “Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, and homemade Ice Cream." It was a great meal. While it was being prepared, we went to a nearby gravel pit that looks a lot like Rose Ponds and went off roading again. It was a lot better this time with no snow on the ground. I took 40 pictures of it because we had a blast.
Last night we got a text from our Zone Leaders. It read, "We wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over this last transfer. We had 6 baptisms in the month of April and the mission had 52 baptisms which was the most the mission has ever had in a month. We have had more baptisms so far this year than we had in the first 6 months of last year. The Lord is truly hastening his work here and the best season for missionary work is still ahead of us."
It's really exciting to be here during this great time of the Lord hastening his work. I have enjoyed being a part of this experience and serving a mission at this great time. I love it here in Bagley and I also love serving the Lord. I love each of you.

With love,
Elder Davis

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