Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 39: I am so happy to be serving here in Bagley for the Lord

What a crazy week this has been. So much has happened it's hard to get it all out but I will do my best. Monday was crazy! There was rain pouring down all day long. Elder Smith and I stopped at a Tesoro station on Monday to look for t-shirts to take home to remember Minnesota. We got there and of course I had to get one too. There were a lot of x-large and not a lot of Larges. It went from Medium to small to XL. We finally found two forest green ones though and they look great. After a very fun P-day of running around and well having fun together as a district before Elder Smith left. But after that fun time Elder Smith had to say goodbye to Mia. It was hard for Elder Smith and even harder for Mia, but she is doing fine now.
Tuesday involved a lot of driving... Down to Fargo and then back to Bagley. 200 miles each way so it was a long drive and the fasted we could go was 55 on the Minnesota highway back. We got back around 10:30 and we left about 7 ish. Also got to see Elder Jacobs in Fargo as he made his way to Dickinsen on the Transfer van. I am now with Elder Briggs. He is from Nibley Utah which is close to Logan and Paradise Utah. Elder Jacobs trained him and he is awesome.
Wednesday was spent showing Elder Briggs around town and meeting all the members we could as well as introducing him to Mia. At night we stopped by seminary and ate tater tot "hot dish" because I guess in Minnesota they call casserole "hot dish."
We printed off some pictures that I took of the map of Bagley so that we could increase the size and piece together a giant map of Bagley to use as a reference for future missionaries and ourselves for tracting. It was fun and will prove very useful.
Friday My 20th birthday.
We did a lot today. We started up jogging again in the mornings since it has warmed up. We decided to jog every other day. It was refreshing and woke us right up even though I was getting a little tired beforehand.
We had district meeting and it was about boldly inviting people to be baptized and confirmed. Thus we role played extending the invitation to be baptized and having the investigator have an unknown problem with why they didn't want to be baptized. Mine was that I was afraid of the word priesthood. It was funny and Elder White told us after it was done that he had actually run into people in Wyoming that were afraid of the big unknown terms we use as members of the church every day. He thus had to teach them accordingly and avoid using the words.
We had a crazy coincidence later in the day. We were walking past Daroos pizza and I had to use the restroom so we went inside. Well President and sister Niswander were already there. We also were invited to Mia's house to have a "party" for me. It was great! We ate cake and then after the cake was eaten we ate potato salad. We all had a laugh for forgetting to bring out the salad first.
Leslie also made us all laugh because she was in a hurry to get my attention and instead of saying, "Elder Davis" she slipped on her words and said, "Elvis".
Saturday was crazy! It was very long day and resulted in a lot of work getting done both spiritually and physically. It exhausted us. So we decided to use our bikes to contact a less active member that lived on lower rice lake road. We lds mapped the address and found out that it would take about an hour to get there on bike and that it was about 10 miles away. So we decided to bike there. Very big mistake on our parts because it was actually 15 miles away. So we biked 30 miles in one DAY!!! My legs are still sore from it. We did find the house and we also found a little community on the reservation there called Rice Lake. It is situated on the White Earth Indian Reservation and is where Mia grew up. It was a blessing to find it because I didn't even know it existed and neither did Elder Smith or Elder Briggs. So it was awesome.
We definitely slept well that night. We also made wild rice and curry to eat before we headed out on the little adventure so we were full of energy until we had to come back. It was very hard, but worth it. We left at 2 and didn't get back until 8.
Sunday was great. We had a change in the branch Presidency. President Niswander is now Branch President. Brother Adams is now Elders Quorum President. It was fun hearing all the testimonies of President Niswander's family. They came to Clearbrook for the day even though all of them go to Bemidji. We also had a great potluck with ham fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and cookies and cream cookies. Those are just some of the highlights from the enormous potluck.
After Church we had a great lesson with Alvin and Leslie on the Restoration. They were very interested and they definitely felt the spirit. They are super prepared for the missionary discussions and really want to follow the example Mia has set for them.
 I learned this week the importance of teaching people with a lesson plan. It's helped Elder Briggs and I to work together to create an environment to teach by the spirit.
I am so happy to be serving here in Bagley for the Lord. It has brought great blessings to me and will continue to do so. I love the people here and I love each and every one of you as well.

With love,
Elder Davis

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