Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 42: Crazy week this one, we never have a dull moment here in Minnesota.

Crazy week this one, we never have a dull moment here in Minnesota. So much so that the activities that we have planned for when there is a dull moment and we need to work haven't been needed. We haven't actually had to tract this week. People have come to us or we have just talked to then on the streets. It has been wonderful seeing the work get done here in Bagley.

We got a media referral for Mahnomen MN. Mahnomen is actually the Ojibwe word for Wild Rice.

So on Tuesday we loaded up our bikes onto the bike rack and headed out to Mahnomen. We ended up biking around town to find Less Active Members there and trying to find William Kimbler's address. (Without a map this was interesting especially in a town like Mahnomen where 3rd street is in several different places.)

Before we headed out there though we found a lady raking here yard on the first sunny day in a while. So of course we offered to help and raked it up. She rewarded us with grape juice and also told us a little about her. We will probably get the branch involved in her yard because there is a tree that needs to come down and all sorts of other up keeping to do. She couldn't do this by herself because she is a widow.

In the process of finding William's house we met with a part member family: the Scotts. Jessica was originally from Cedar City Utah and had moved out here 12 years ago. She said she was glad we stopped by because her 6 month old baby needed to be blessed in church. We related that information to president Niswander and she might actually have that done in Detroit Lakes which is closer to Mahnomen than Clearbrook is. We shared Moroni 10:32-33 with her and bore our testimonies on how Christ is there for us at all times both good and bad. We thought we deserved a good meal after that undertaking of biking all day so we made some curry chicken. Well we attempted to. It was good, but there was a lot of smoke involved afterwards and greasy clean up.

 So I guess I'm getting more acclimated here in Minnesota because I accidentally said "Doncha Know" to Elder Briggs which made him laugh and me laugh afterwards after I realized what I had done.

In Thief River Falls this week we tried to see some part member families that our Elder's Quorum President hasn't been able to see in a long time. They also haven't been to church except on Easter since I've been here and they used to come every other week. So we are trying to figure that one out. On the way there we saw an open to the public library box full of books people had donated. The idea being, donate a book or take one. They also wanted you to leave a short note with the book. So of course naturally Elder Briggs and I decided to take advantage of this perfect opportunity and place a Book of Mormon inside with a card with our names and phone number. Hopefully somebody will take it and be very interested and give us a call.

On Thursday Mia asked us if we could help her clean out her garage for a rummage sale. We agreed and it was pretty dusty in there. The result was a success and she thanked us for helping her. Later that night I decided to try again at making fry bread this time using the special "cheat" that Mia had suggested I use. The result was very delicious. So I can make scones now from scratch which makes me very happy because they are really good that way and also can be used for tacos and all sorts of other things. So I'm going to make some for the next potluck that we have in Clearbrook which will be on the third Sunday in June.

Saturday was our biggest day this week. It is full of miraculous experiences which I attribute to the Lord and how much we have been biking. We bikes the 8 miles to Ebro and drank plenty of PowerAde to help us get there. When we were there we had a great lesson with a less active member Andre Chevalier who wants to change his life. He has stopped smoking a pack a day and is down to about 3 per day. This was even without our help encouraging him! We then taught him the Word of Wisdom and he asked for a blessing to help him out. After his lesson we talked with Jessica. She was very prepared to receive the gospel and had questions for us about what we believed in the Nicene counsel which was where they took many books out of the Bible. As a result she accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon and will truly do so. She also made us some really good sandwiches because we hadn't eaten yet. We can tell that she has lots of real intent.

One of the biggest miracles this week happened right after that lesson while we were walking back to our bikes to ride back to Bagley. As we were doing so a guy named Shawn drove up to us and asked us if we would like a ride to our bikes. We readily agreed because this would be an opportunity to talk to him about the gospel. We were further surprised to hear him offer us a ride back to Bagley. We agreed and he proceeded to ask us questions and we had a good discussion. He wants to change his life and go on the path God wants for him. He told us that for some reason "The Big Guy Upstairs wanted me to stop and offer you guys a ride." Our mouths pretty much dropped as we realized that the Lord was bringing people to us for the first time in my mission and not having us be brought to them.

After Church this week we had lunch with the Niswanders who fed us fish. The type was Northern and they are pretty much the best fish that I have ever had my entire life it was even much better than walleye.

Memorial Day was really good. We had the opportunity to go with Mia to a Pow wow and to her Father and sister's grave in Rice Lake. It was a very good time. And now we are here emailing on a Tuesday because our P-day was moved to today. Wow it's been a very nice week in weather and also in missionary work. I really enjoy being here and being an instrument in the Lord's hands to help bring people into the fold of God. I love each of you so much.

With Love,

Elder Davis

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