Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 45:Transfer calls came and went.

Transfer calls came and went. Elder White was transferred to Brandon South Dakota. Elder Duvall went to my old area. Chamberlain SD. I asked him to say hi to everyone.
So Monday was spent running a lot of errands. Elder Duvall and Elder Wilde in Bemidji had a lot of stuff to move out and no car to do it with so we helped out with that. Now the Bemidji Elders have a car. The other car went to Cass Lake with Elder White and Elder Wendell.

Elder Wendell is from California and is being trained.

Elder Sullivan is from Saint George Utah and actually came into the mission field at the exact same time as me, Elder Wilde, and Elder Walker so it's a crazy District we have here now. But it is really fun. We plan on playing 3-ball later today which is a way of playing dodge ball with 6 missionaries and four balls. (We adapted the rules to fit our situation and make the game more fun).

Made Egg salad sandwiches for the first time on Tuesday and they were really good. I liked them because they were easy to make. I discovered my like for them at the Lighthouse soup kitchen one day as we were sitting there trying to contact some people.
Later in the day President Niswander fed us dinner and we helped him mow and weed whack his yard.

On Thursday Elder Briggs and I brainstormed ideas for and area vision that we wanted to get accomplished for this month. In addition to personal goals, we came up with several great ways we could help the area of Bagley MN have success in missionary work. 1. Get one less active member to come to church consistently. 2. Help all our investigators have the opportunity to progress towards baptism and confirmation through consistent follow up on commitments. 3. Help Mia Sargent have the opportunity to go to the temple and perform baptisms for the dead for her deceased ancestors. Mia is super excited about family history work.

President Niswander fed us fish again on Friday as we helped him put up a trampoline for his grandkids. This time it was croppy. We also got a recipe from sister Niswander about red velvet cake and also tasted and received a jar of her homemade Rhubarb berry jam which includes: rhubarb, blueberries, and raspberries.

On Saturday Mia surprised us as we were walking in the southwest part of town by popping out of a restaurant and saying, "come in and eat at our baby shower." So the shower was for a relative of Mia's and we were able to see Alvin and Leslie there after not seeing them for a month because of them spending time in Minneapolis, (Wow I just realized it is easier to say and or type the cities instead of the entire name of the town.)

So again it has rained like crazy here all week. It really is quite wonderful though because the rain makes everything look very green, greener than I have ever seen in my life, and because it keeps it from being too hot and humid.

So today is once again P-day and I really like this day because of the wind down from the week. It gives me the energy to serve with all my might the next days until P-day comes again. So today we started P-day off with the opportunity of waxing the car. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work because the wax didn't come off easily after it dried. But we can definitely see the difference it makes on the car.

It's been a great week. We have seen a lot of success with new people who need the Gospel in their lives. I am grateful to serve here. Because of all the hard work we have been doing, the people here in Bagley mean a lot to us. I am excited.

With love,
Elder Davis

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