Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 46: The most important thing we can do for members is to do our home teaching and love them.

We played ultimate Frisbee for P-day activity and it turned out great. I also managed to, “get my ears lowered, as Elder Briggs says by getting a haircut.

On Wednesday we spent most of our time searching out Less Active Members in Fosston and McIntosh MN. On our way there we stopped by Alonda Whitten's house again and taught a powerful Restoration message using the Restoration DVD. The spirit was very strong. It was great teaching her because we have to take it down to a "Kindergarten Level" as she says. This experience has taught me the power of simplicity. There is no better way to teach the Gospel than in simple testimony unadorned with fancy language just Pure, sweet, and direct. It has been some of the most powerful lessons that I have ever been in are the ones I didn't try to prove the Gospel was true, but merely testified of its truth and allowed the spirit to confirm what we taught. Wordy explanations often times are confusing and drawn out and get in the way of those precious moments of silence that allow investigators to think.
Later in the day we managed to find Suzandra Reinbold's house and talk with her. She was overjoyed to have us there and began to explain how she had never had anyone stop by her house before and how grateful she was that we were able to find it. She told us this again and again and offered at the end of the lessons one of the best prayers of gratitude that I have ever heard. My mission has taught me that the most important thing we can do for members is to do our home teaching and love them. This experience confirmed that. Home teaching is more than just a duty to get the numbers in for the month. It is an act of love. It is what the savior would do. It has repetitively been called the most important calling anyone ever has. It is how we can be the savior’s hands here on Earth. I encourage everyone reading this to strive to accomplish their home teaching as if the savior himself was with you doing so. I promise you that as you do so you will feel of its importance and find joy in serving the Lord. 
Thursday held a surprise for us. We were walking on the way to Val's nice day. And then the storm clouds came by and within 3 minutes we were completely drenched in torrential rain with rain drops bigger than I had ever seen. Of course we had no coats so we were soaked by the time we got inside. We had to laugh though because it felt really good on the warm summer day. But it stopped as quickly as it had come. It was really weird. I guess most of the storms and winds and hail have been passing around Bagley so we haven't seen the effects of flooding or tornados. We are very lucky.
Friday was very hectic. It felt as if we had gone through two days. In the morning President Niswander took us 20 miles north to find a less active member named Nancy Sundquist. We then traveled to Bemidji for district meeting. After that meeting we managed to call President Niswander again and take him to a lesson with us in Fosston with Alonda. After that we introduced the Niswanders to Deana. And finally we finished the day off strongly by teaching Mia about the Sabbath day and showing her a video by Elder Holland on that subject. It was a whirlwind of activity.
Saturday was an all-day service day. We helped President Niswander with his Geary house. We did the Fascia work. So Elder Briggs and I were on the roof helping to hang up the aluminum siding below the drip edge. I learned about eaves and gables. It was neat and was a lot of hard work out in the sun. It was a relief when the rain came for a short while.
Sunday was potluck and we made fry bread. I taught the lesson in Gospel Principles class for new members and investigators and Elder Briggs taught Sunday school. It was a great day and a lot happened. Mostly walking around and talking with people. I love serving here in Bagley, Minnesota is very beautiful. I look forward to a great P-day today.
With love,

Elder Davis

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