Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 47: We had many miracles this week

We had many miracles this week that I thank the Lord for over and over again. We managed to have one day (for about 4 hours) that it wasn't raining heavily so that we could bike out to see a referral we had received. They weren't home so we decided to do some tracing in the area and found a new investigator. Lorna Dahlke is super sweet and loves to listen about Christ. We are excited to teach her the rest of the Restoration when we meet with her again on Tuesday.

Thursday was amazing. We received much needed inspiration during our planning session on how to get the work moving faster here in Bagley. We also were able to teach two new people the Restoration. It was very powerful and they want to meet with us again. It has been exciting to see how the Lord is leading us to people or leading them to us as we strive to seek out those who have been prepared to hear the message of the Restoration and act on it. Later in the day we were inspired to search some apartments for a new member and found instead a less active member we had been trying to find named John Watts. He had no address and we were blessed by the Lord to come across the list of residents in the apartment with his name on it.
On Friday we had a wonderful district meeting and on the way back we were inspired to stop in the small town of 100 people called Shevlin. We tracted for a little bit and ran into a lady who referred us to her neighbor. Upon our return we decided to check the mail. Another bit of inspiration because a lady saw us there, asked us why were dressed up, and promised to come to church the next time she was in Clearbrook. (Where she lived for many years before moving to Bagley). Then we dropped off some old clothes that Bemidji gave us to take care of at the Bagley Thrift shop and the owner's brother is LDS and she talked with us a little bit. She also knows Sister Dyhrdahl really well.
Saturday was also really nice because we were able to get in with Jim again. He has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and in just 5 short weeks has gotten to Alma 51! We are excited to help him progress towards baptism. He believes the Book of Mormon is true. And we have already seen his testimony of Christ grow from reading it.

After the lesson we drove to McIntosh and helped Brother McCabe and his wife, carry some furniture downstairs and into the garage to help them prepare for their estate sale. We then also visited with Sister Reinbold again who said that she would be coming to church and she did. It was exciting.
Sunday was great. Sister and Brother Metallo, CES senior couple missionaries from Fargo, came up to speak in sacrament meeting on the importance of attending Institute and Seminary and how it helps us in our lives (anyone ages 14-30 should be taking these classes). They are very important and the Lord has provided them for a way to find direction in our fast paced and troubled lives. I know that they are great programs. They really helped me prepare for my mission.

After Church the Metallos inspected our apartment and then we took the sacrament to Val. She says to give everyone her love.
Last night was fun cooking, we wanted some peas. So we microwave defrosted them and then had the bright idea to try to sauté them which turned out to be putting milk, curry, and Sriracha sauce and letting it fry in that. It was really good.
I love every one of you. I am glad and grateful for all the support you have given to me. Thanks for everything!!!!

With love,
Elder Davis

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