Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 51: Marshall, MN. New area and address

Hello Everyone,

My new companion's name is Elder Lete (Leh-Tey). He is from Mesa Arizona, but originally lived in North Carolina. He really likes fencing which is what he did before the mission.

So a lot has happened since the last time I emailed. Tuesday was spent finalizing my departure by finishing packing. We also spent the rest of the day traveling to Fargo to get on a bus to travel to Brookings. It was hard saying goodbye to Sister Sargent. We took a lot of funny photos though.
When we got to Fargo, Elder Briggs got a haircut and we ate at Huhot Mongolian grill. I was surprised when we were about to leave by the Assistant to the President Elder Salmon asking me to drive the Nissan Frontier truck to Brookings behind the Transfer train. So instead of riding in the van, I drove the whole way. It was very fun. When we got to Brookings it was very late so we decided to stay the night in the Zone leader's apartment.
On Wednesday we were pointed in the direction of Marshall and told to drive there. We once again have a 2013 Chevy Cruze as our car. We got here and didn't even know where our apartment was and even what number it was. So we started calling everyone with stars by their names in the phone contact list until we were able to find it.  The rest of the day went really well. We shopped for food and ran into a sister Sa in Dollar tree. She invited us to Dinner at Burger King and also told us a lot about the area. We then found the church building (3-4 times bigger than the ones in Chamberlain and Bagley) we have around 90 active members.

President Jones was there for activity days and as we were talking with him, Sister Gregerson texted us asking if we would give a recent convert named Brandee a blessing of comfort and counsel. So we went over with President Jones and gave the blessing. He then set up an appointment for us the next day.
The lesson went well the next day after a brief planning session followed by walking around everywhere to find out where everything was. The lesson focused on the importance of scripture study and how the Lord is able to help us overcome our weaknesses as we turn towards Him.
On Friday we tried putting out names down as clergy at the hospital and met the Chaplain there. He was happy that we showed up because he needed the information about the LDS church leaders to help when any members of our church entered the hospital and wanted to have the clergy come over. So we told him we'd get that info for him and also gave him a mormon.org card.

We also managed to have a great district meeting where we met the Elders from Redwood Falls, MN and also Pipestone MN. Elder Heninger is in Redwood falls so I was glad to see him again. He was my district leader in the MTC.
On Saturday we helped Brother Savage move from Ballatin (20 miles away) to here in Marshall. He then took us out to Lunch at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant. As we were walking around afterwards we ran into two people sitting outside a music store. They invited us to talk with them after we introduced ourselves. They had a lot of questions relating to the Plan of Salvation and we will continue teaching them tomorrow in Liberty Park. Tyler is a born again Christian and Seth is Jewish. After the giant question and answer session we had with them we went over to the Gregerson's home for dinner. Sister Gregerson is a convert to the church and her husband actually served his mission here in Marshall. They are both really awesome.

Sunday was great. It is my first time having 3 hours of church on my mission. We taught the lesson in Elder's quorum and also enjoyed the potluck afterwards. The lesson was based on Elder Scott's talk, "I have given you an example". Later in the night we helped with Family Home Evening and then were shown around town to people we could go see by Sister Gregerson and her husband.
It's been wonderful and a new experience to be in a town this big of 10,000 people. I enjoy it a lot.  It actually is about the size of Blackfoot.

I love serving my mission and also love you all so much.
With love,

Elder Davis

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