Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 52: We've done a lot of volunteer work this week

We've done a lot of volunteer work this week, mostly at the food shelf. There we do anything from sorting through produce to make sure it is still good, to repackaging eggs, and also to helping people "Shop" around. Meaning taking them through the food shelf where they get to pick the foods according to their needs with certain restrictions on the number of things they can take on each shelf depending on the size of their families. It is a lot of fun volunteering there and allows us to be seen in the community helping others out. And a lot of people generally asked us why we were wearing white shirts and ties.

Some other things we do to help them out are travel with them to Walmart to pick up food that is being donated and can't be sold. So that's what we did earlier today. There are a lot of nice people that volunteer there.

We actually met with several less active members this week to help them see the importance of coming to church and reading the scriptures daily. One of them, Brother Kidwell, actually ended up coming to church on Sunday which was very exciting because it was fast and testimony Sunday and the spirit was very strong.
One of the best lessons we had involved Alex Castillo. He is less active and wasn't too interested at first until we actually started teaching. As we began testifying to him and involving him with questions, his motivation changed dramatically. He went from not caring to hungering and thirsting after what we had to share with him even to the point of him inviting us back over for dinner. He is the head chef at Perkins so we are looking forward to that.

At district meeting we talked a lot about the meaning of the Gospel of Christ and how it has personally blessed our lives and what it means to us to be able to share it with people. So as we came up with what the Gospel meant to us and what it was for us, Elder Smith, Our new District leader, (Not my previous companion Elder Smith), anyway, Elder Smith asked us, "How many of us as missionaries actually let people know about those things?" So we received great insight on how to talk to people and had the opportunity to practice tracing and contacting people in different scenarios using the things we learned and how we personally came to know Jesus Christ.
The Lyon county fair was going on this week so we were busy Friday evening contacting people who went to the Rodeo. The Gregersons invited us to attend and we were able to talk to several people as a result. They also had at the rodeo some Capuchin monkeys riding border collies. It was crazy to watch them corral them into a fence. The animal trainer who trained them must have been very patient and known what he was doing. We also were able to try deep fried foods. I got some deep fried Oreo's and Elder Lete got deep fried Twinkies.

On Saturday we had an amazing experience where Sister Gregerson invited us to dinner with a friend of hers. We were able to talk a little bit about what we do as missionaries and have a Gospel discussion over the restaurant dinner table. Sister Gregerson then invited her friend to tour the church. Bernice, her friend, agreed and so we were able to tour the church building with Bernice and help her realize the importance of being baptized by the authority of the Priesthood. She had a lot of questions so we set a return appointment with her for Sunday after church.
So church went very well. A lot of people were on vacation so we only had around 40 people in attendance. We also had the lucky job to teach primary because the teacher was sick that week. It was very interesting because it is different teaching little kids and keeping their attention span on you than it is to teach adults. This was my first experience teaching primary and it went okay until 20 minutes before the class ended I handed out crayons and paper. After about 5 minutes of drawing I made the mistake of saying, "can anyone help me clean up?" so they thought I meant that class was over and they all went wild. Luckily sister Gregerson had music on her phone to help us calm them down. The lesson was on being kind and we acted out the Good Samaritan with them. They really liked the funny part where I hid behind a chair so that I wouldn't have to help the hurt man. It was still a lot of fun.

Later in the evening we taught Bernice the first lesson and also had Family Home Evening again where we helped out. Bernice was super excited to read from the Book of Mormon and had a lot of questions that were very helpful in explaining to her the importance of the Book of Mormon in bringing us closer to Christ. She said she'd start reading that night and that she had a lot of down time in between calls at work (She works at a call center here in town.) In fact the major employer in town is Schwann's because this is supposedly where the company started so there is a big Schwann's building here in town that is a giant call center.

So for the rest of today we have several things to get done. I need to patch up my bike tire, Elder Lete needs to dry clean some clothes, and we still have to get some shopping done. There are a lot of great things we can do here in Marshall. They have tennis courts and we have rackets and balls left in our apartment from previous Elder s and Sisters who served here. And they also have Frisbee golf course and I really am looking forward to that since the last time I went was in Blackfoot.
So I really like this area because I've never just sat at the computer emailing and had someone come up to us and ask to meet with us later in the week. It's pretty awesome to be able to blessed in that way. It's still hard work, but the blessings keep flowing. This just happened now so that's why I am including it here at the end.

Thanks for everything that you all do. I love you.

With love,

Elder Davis

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