Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 55: Our being led by the spirit is conditional upon our righteous actions.

So eventually there is a weird moment in everyone's mission. One of them happened this week with Elder Lete and I and I'll go more into that later.
So in tracting this week we found a lady we offered service for and she declined, but there was a great sense of peace that came over us as we managed to make the effort to share the Gospel.

Wednesday was very weird. We were just finished with our studies for the day and were waiting for an area call with our district leader when we received a random phone call that we thought was them. It was actually a man named Luke. He called us as a result of finding our church building and seeing the phone number for tours of the building. Our phone number. We were astonished and excited. We were eager to run out of our apartment start the car and head over to the building. It turned out to be an interesting experience. We got there and when we asked him why he came to the church today he answered "to pay my respects." He insisted on seeing all of the paintings so the entire tour went for 3 hours. Because he wouldn't stop talking about the crazy visions he had seen the night before. Long story short he ended up thinking we were demonic aliens from another dimension. It's something that would take talking in person to fully understand, but basically he ended up being scared that we were going to assimilate him or take him back to our planet for further analysis. We didn't know what to do at that point. He wouldn't even let us pray with him, so we decided to just slowly escort him out. That's the first time I've ever seen something like that and it has taught me never to do drugs.
On Thursday I ended up making a really good sandwich. I got the inspiration from going to subway so many times and seeing that we have a toaster oven in our apartment. It was really good, but took me 45 minutes to make since I had to cut up all the vegetables. We then spent the rest of the day trying to meet less active members in the area.

We had exchanges on Friday with the Elders in Pipestone. I went there with Elder Raffensparger and Elder Lete stayed in Marshall with our district leader Elder Smith. We saw a part member family who had been meeting with the missionaries for 2 years. We testified of the plan of salvation and helped them understand why ordinance such as baptism are not just a convenience, but are a necessity. The next day we talked with a lady in a nursing home and helped her understand that Christ was helping her through all her afflictions and trials. Finally, we did service for someone laying down laminate flooring.
Yesterday was really a great day. We were able to hear the testimony of Nick Ivanov and the spirit was very strong. We also were taught how to become better disciples of Christ and then had the opportunity to teach the Sunbeams in primary which was a very interesting experience. We told them the story of Job and taught them the importance of following the prophet by playing red light green light and follow the leader. Later in the evening we had a dinner appointment with the Patterson family who are awesome. We talked about previous areas and our favorite contacting scenarios from talking to people on the street, service, and tracting. Brother Patterson also gave us advice on where we should start tracting in the future.
Later in the night the Priesthood meeting of Stake Conference was broadcast to Marshall and it was great receiving insights from it. When praying, we should pray that the people in the area will prepare to receive the message not just that we will find the people who have already been prepared. We learned that we should give blessings to those we love more often. We also learned to cherish our priesthood blessings and record them in our journal. President Steele was inspired to talk about blessing people more often and how when the savior exhorted the Nephites to "Pray always in your families" is to prepare and sanctify ourselves so that "our wives and children may be blessed." I've taken from this week that preparation is the key for "if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

To prepare ourselves, we study, 2 hours every day and sometimes a third when necessary. From my studies I have learned not just to be active, but proactive; looking for the good in every situation. Our being led by the spirit is conditional upon our righteous actions. Faith precedes the miracles. I found in John 15:16 we have a responsibility to have "our fruit remain" meaning keeping converts active. Also reviewing 1 Thessalonians 2 took on new meaning after I worked hard with recent converts and the branch in Bagley. The people we meet truly are "our joy and glory" and we should stay in contact. To magnify my calling I followed an impression to study the leadership section of the handbook. It led me to Ezekiel 33-34. As I studied my mind was enlightened and I received needed insight on repentance and our responsibility to "sound the trumpet" and warn of danger. Elder Lete and I also are searching for ways to be more accountable in our stewardships. 
This week has been an amazing one. I have learned so much and had so many experiences. Though much of the week has been hard, it is truly the hard things that we remember the most. I enjoy sending these emails. I love each of you. I look forward to hearing from you and mailing next week. It will be on Tuesday because of the Labor Day holiday.
The rest of today we will be at the Gregerson's home learning how to make certain things and watching a devotional given by Elder Bednar on how to use social media. It will be lots of fun.

With love,
Elder Davis

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