Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 63: It's been an interesting week. Half was spent traveling around the mission on the van.

So I had a hectic week. Monday packing; Tuesday Drive down to Brookings. Then get on the van and ride all the way up to Fargo ND and then all the way over to Bismarck ND to spend the night. I had a great conversation on the van with Elder Duvall. He got transferred from Chamberlain to McLaughlin SD. Wednesday spent all day travelling over to Dickinson ND and down to Rapid City SD and then on over to Casper WY. It took all day long. And now there are mountains here in Casper!!

Very dry here, I felt like I stepped out of a swimming pool. No humidity and very windy.
Started Casper out with Less Active teaching, we met many this week. We talked with JD a blind member. He was fun to teach and he knows everyone here by their dogs. Also Elder Cunningham served here in this area. I am in the Casper 8th ward and in the East part since there are two sets of missionaries in this ward and a whole lot more in Casper.
Sunday was really fun. We had Stake conference and it was a broadcast of Elder Bednar and Elder Scott speaking. I learned a lot and it has helped with several of the lessons we taught. There are many people here that are ready to receive the Gospel. The Reardon family I met last night and we taught them the plan of Salvation.

It's been an interesting week. Half was spent traveling around the mission on the van. After a long ride I finally arrived in Casper. The first thing I noticed was the willingness of the members to come out with us teaching. Elder Newman has a lot of stress running the area and he is doing really well. There are many less active and investigators here. There is a lot of work; the only difference is in how to go about the work. It's been an adjustment to the weather, boundaries, and no car. But Despite the challenges it is a great area. We have already found many potentials. A family, the Reardons, already accepted baptism if they find it is true. It was amazingly spiritual to teach them the Plan of Salvation and show how the Book of Mormon helps answer questions of the soul.
We actually ran into people who want to read the Book of Mormon and who had coincidently already finished another book they were reading. And they said we could come back if they weren't busy. It's been amazing being here. Had a short emailing time so I'm glad I could write about my week. It's been very exciting.
With love,
Elder Davis

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