Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 66: The Lord knows where we need to be when we need to be there to do His work.

Hello again.

It's started to get very windy here in Casper Wyoming. There were several days where the wind reached constants of 40 miles per hour.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to watch the "Meet the Mormons" movie. President Anderson traveled around the mission showing it to the missionaries in the Zone and also interviewing them. It was a great movie and really a great way to share the gospel with friends. It was very inspirational. I really liked several things from it. One is from the humanitarian. He said, "I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect in one thing. I'm perfect in trying." We can learn a lot from that statement. As long as we are diligently doing our best, the Lord will provide for the rest.
On Friday we had a great district meeting on the importance of having great studies. It has helped us as we have strove to do better at teaching towards the needs of the people in this area. Later in the day while tracting we ran into James as he was coming out of his house. We briefly testified of the Restoration of the Gospel which led to him asking us questions and having a great discussion. He invited us back and we say him yesterday. He is now a new investigator. He has many questions about how we are saved. Later we had brother Sorenson come with us to a lesson with Jennifer Middleton where we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her and answered questions she had.
Saturday reminded me of something I had learned earlier in my mission and had forgotten. The Lord knows where we need to be when we need to be there to do His work. We had a great day planned out, but plans suddenly changed and I was a little upset until I saw the reason for the change. We tried the Yeadon family. They were home and a family member, Sister McCoy needed a blessing. They had called someone to come, but he didn't make it so we showed up at the right time to give her a blessing. This is the second time this has happened on my mission and it comforted me that plans can go wrong, but that the Lord will help us when they do according to His will.

We also later tried another less active member we wanted to see, but she wasn't there. Someone else (Ben) came to the door instead and invited us to visit with him. We were able to answer many of his questions and testify to him of the power of the Book of Mormon in changing lives. He actually was searching for a way to get his life back in order. We were very grateful that we listened to the spirit and talked with him despite it not being in our plans. Earlier in the day we had studied how we need to pray to recognize unplanned opportunities and have the courage and sensitivity to the spirit to follow through on those plans. It was great to see this blessing unfold as we prayed in faith. I was grateful for the reminder and humbled by it as well. I challenge you all to pray for those opportunities as well. You may not recognize them immediately or even until later in the week. I didn't even make the connection between that great day and the prayers in the morning until I reviewed my journal and started writing this paragraph. I love the way the spirit works. It has been a tremendous blessing to learn more about how it feels and how to follow the promptings. I know that all of us can have tremendous influence in the lives of others if we do the simple things like pray.
Sunday went well. Matt Burecker went to church. And then for some unknown reason he left after they passed the bread. We are being optimistic and thinking he had to go home for some unknown reason, possibly to help his wife with his 2 year old son. We will find out later when we see him. Later we went back to see James and he had many questions and tried to have us Bible Bash, but we didn't and testified instead because it has more power. We did use scriptures, but I have learned that if we don't testify and just try to "prove" with different Bible verses they have their own interpretation of the verses and don't listen. Our job is to invite the Holy Ghost and let them feel that and decide for themselves. He agreed to have us come back again on Friday and while his wife was there as well.

Also today the Neal family brought us a grill. It was neat because I was thinking of having some Brats to cook and would have had to boil them, but out of the blue the Neal family at a dinner appointment asked us if we could use a grill so we got one and it will be much better to cook them now than boiling them. The Lord continues to bless us while we serve Him. And it finally snowed today.

I love my mission so much. I have learned so much from it. I am so grateful I decided to serve despite all the stresses that come with it. It is the best thing I have ever done. It has helped me to learn to rely on the Lord more for help and to study every day. I am so grateful for the examples in my life that have gotten me to this point. I am also grateful to see the many blessings that enter into the lives of those we teach as we help them to apply the Gospel in their life. That has been the best part. Seeing how they have truly repented and come unto Christ and are transformed through His Atonement and seeing the happiness radiate from them. I love it. And I love all of you.

With love and appreciation,
Elder Davis

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