Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 69: On Wednesday we discovered another miracle.

We had an interesting P-day this week. It involved transfers. So the van didn't actually make it to Casper so those who were being transferred had to leave for Gillete where it would be. Something about the van getting stuck in the Black hills somewhere due to snow. The great news though is that we got a car to share with the other 8th ward Elders. It is such a blessing to have a car. After transfers we played a variety of games. Elder Abarca and I threw bouncy balls all around the gym trying to kick them against the walls. We then played basketball. I finished P-day off with a half-finished chess battle with Elder Harper which we will finish later today.

Later in the night we ended up getting a new investigator. Her name is Barbara and she had a lot of questions due to things she had experienced in the past that were not entirely true to our church and what we believe so we are clearing up many of those misconceptions.

The next day we also received another new investigator. This was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise as we were trying Donnie's house. There we met Ashley who wants to be baptized and is interested in learning more. She is staying with Donnie temporarily while they work to get the gas turned back on in the house where she usually lives. It was a great blessing because it exposed her to the church and gave her the opportunity to learn more.

On Wednesday we discovered another miracle. We decided to try back a potential contact that we ran into tracting last week. We had brother Muldowney with us and were able to get in with Elizabeth. She was golden. She accepted the lesson and knew that it was important. The spirit bore witness to us that she had been touched by the spirit. She knew the importance of prayer and reading the Book of Mormon to see if it was true. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would be. She also said that if it was true that she would have to come to our church. We were very excited and then her boyfriend came in. He didn't want to learn more so we weren't able to get back in, but we will still stop by and try to see if we can teach her more. She is ready and we know it.

Thanksgiving went very well for us. We were able to teach the Turman family about gratitude and how when we are grateful for the Atonement, Christ can help us through whatever trials we face in life. They recently had a death in the family so it was a very good message. They thanked us and more on that will be later. The funeral was on Saturday.

Thanksgiving dinner was at the Postal family's home. We ate turkey and they also had friends from Louisiana come. They prepared a turkey creole style along with the regular turkey we ate. It was very good. We had many pies and pumpkin rolls for desert. And we also played pool with brother Postal and also the other Elders in the 8th ward. So we had dinner with Elder Beazer and Elder Hubbard as well. Later we were able to teach a part member family the Bohannons and also see the Reardon family. The messages were very great and because it was thanksgiving focused on Thanksgiving and gratitude. There is a great spirit whenever we express how grateful we are.

District meeting went very well. We talked about ways that we can apply trainings that we receive into our proselyting efforts and daily missionary lives. It was very inspiring and gave us many ideas to use while teaching others and in our personal and companion studies. Our new district is Elder Abarca and Elder Jugler (DL) Elder Newman, me, Elder Beazer Elder Hubbard, Sister Sutton and Sister Curley.

We have been focusing all our dinner appointment lessons on the importance of the spirit and having it with us daily. We invite the members to find ways in their own lives to keep the spirit with them strongly, act on promptings received, or find one way to improve and invite the spirit into their lives more frequently. Then in the next dinner appointment we promise to follow up with them and offer our help. It really is a great lesson to teach.

Now though for the month of December we will be focusing on the He is the Gift initiative. You can find out more about this at Share the video with as many people as you can and talk about the true meaning of Christmas as often as possible. Invite the missionaries into your home to teach you about the initiative and how you can help with the work. This is a great time that we can reach out to those who need to hear the gospel and need the spirit in their lives.

So after District meeting we ate dinner at the Morris family home and then went out with Brother Sorenson. After trying many people we decided to see his friend Kevin Linaman. Kevin's wife Theresa was there and as a result she also became a new investigator. As we shared a message about gratitude the spirit was invited into the room so that when we asked her to read from the Book of Mormon she agreed and eagerly wants to learn more. We will see her later this week and show the Restoration video.

On Saturday we went to the Turman's funeral. Elder Newman was asked to give the opening prayer and I was asked to give the closing prayer. Sister Turman was continually thankful for all that the ward was doing for her and her family at this time. We also had the opportunity to go with Brother Spencer Larson to give a blessing to someone in the hospital who was very grateful that we came. He wasn't a member, but after the experience he might be someone Elders can try in the future. Later at 5 we had a barbeque with the other Elders in our ward. It was great having bratwurst and elk burgers. (The elk was in our freezer when I got here.)

On Sunday I had the great opportunity to bless the sacrament. I love doing this because it gives me the opportunity to serve others. That is one of the reasons I loved the branch in Clearbrook so much was that we were able to do so every week. I have really come to appreciate the opportunity I have to do so because we don't get to do it very often in the wards. We also had a great 5th Sunday lesson on gratitude. It was a great reminder that we need to live in thanksgiving daily.

I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned this week. It has focused a lot on how faith is the source of all confidence. I learned the reason we set so many goals as missionaries is because when we work towards a worthy goal we exercise our faith. I also have learned that faith is the source of all confidence and that we should strive to have firm and steadfast faith in Christ our Savior. The experiences of this week have been amazing and I am so grateful for the spirit which is able to take away the natural man and help us become more Christ like. I have continually experienced this as I have relied on Christ to help with my many weaknesses. I am continually trying to improve my faith.

With love,

Elder Davis

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