Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 72: Friday night we had a miracle.

This week has flown by. It seems my mission is really going by fast.
On Tuesday, We helped a new family move in to the ward. They moved from Texas. They had two U-Haul trucks to unload. They bought us pizza afterwards. The other Elders came and helped us as well as some members who had a small break from work. Good thing we don't have to worry about prior obligations as missionaries except lessons. Unfortunately ours cancelled, but that allowed us to finish helping them move in. They won't be here until January to stay because of her job. Part of it was hard, especially moving a futon up the stairs.
One night we went to see the Rummel family. They asked us if we had a dinner appointment that night and we did not so they offered to feed us. It turned out to be inspired because they had wanted to feed us for quite a while and hadn't had the opportunity. It was great getting to know them better and hearing some of their stories about how he rafted down a river on a mattress. They have great stories.
Friday night we had a miracle. We were out tracting using the He is the Gift pass along cards. On one of the doors we knocked, we shook hands and introduced ourselves and they invited us in because our hands were cold. So we were able to share with them the video and they realized that the best gift they could give Christ was to learn more about and use His Gospel. So they invited us back to share more with them about the Restoration. It was a great night. Later we even had a missionary potluck with the ward missionaries of our ward.
Afterwards we went with Brother Burley Glasscock to see the Middleton family. It was a great lesson where we were able to resolve some of Mosely's concerns. We read Alma 32:28-30 with him and discussed faith and how we need to allow room for truth. How we learn the truth through experience and also how he needs to read the Book of Mormon and if it feels good, invites to learn more of Christ, and enlightens his life then it is of God. He accepted the challenge to read it even if the only time he has is while he is in the bathroom.
Sunday went amazingly well and also had many surprises for everyone here in Casper. I learned much in sacrament meeting. It reminded me of things I had learned and had forgotten. Namely that we need to offer our will to God and that is the only gift we can give Him because he gives us everything else. We also discussed in class how to have a better Christ centered home. This has inspired me to do better and let Christ make up for the difference that I cannot. The blessings of the Atonement are not available only once, but they are conditional on our commitment to serve Him and to "steadfastly believe on His name". If we continue to apply his teachings we can receive help even in the darkest of times. I also learned about diligence and how it is not only persistent effort, but also energetic effort. We should look forward to the blessings with the right attitude. This Sunday really helped me. I feel refreshed and better about the work here. I feel that even though I'm not perfect that the Savior still loves me and wants me to be successful no matter how long it takes.
So the big change occurred at 6 pm that night at a stake-wide meeting. There had been several rumors going around about what the meeting was about. (They were correct.) The ward boundaries have changed. And not only that they have added two new wards here in Caper! It is exciting and also interesting. We are still waiting to find out where we will all be assigned and who will be in what ward. All I know is that the boundaries which take effect in January split our current area in half. So there are going to be a lot of changes here.

I am looking forward to Christmas where I am able to talk with my family and share more experiences with them face to face via Skype. This week holds many exciting things ahead.
With love,

Elder Davis

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