Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 74: Seems that I get to see a lot of change on my mission

Hello everyone.

So have a bunch of news to share. First, elder Newman is being transferred. He'll be heading to Pipestone MN. This is where my last District Leader served when I was in Marshall. He'll be 45 minutes away from Marshall.

Second, we will be serving in the 8th ward so we just got a lot bigger area because there are no longer 2 sets of missionaries. The new bishop is Bishop Bertagnole. We ate at his house a week before the change occurred.
Third, the 8th ward is combined with the Spanish group and meets at 1:00 pm. This is a big change from the rest of my mission when we always met at 10:00 or in the case of here 9:00. Now we will have time to remind people about church before it begins. (Many of our Less Active members have expressed a liking to the later time).
Much of this week was spent trying to see many of the Less Active and active families that will be leaving the 8th ward.
Wednesday we took district pictures and had the last district meeting before the changes occurred. This has been a crazy week with changes. Change in Wards, change in companionship, change in the district as well. Elder Hubbard apparently will not be in our district anymore. His companion Elder Beazer also is leaving for Minnesota. He will head up to Cass Lake right next to Bemidji. So he'll be in one of my old districts as well. Small world.
On Friday we had a great experience. We were trying to see people in the night time and we had impressions to go see potentials. Nothing was working out so we went to try one more. I suggested someone and then we headed down the street towards her house and then Elder Newman stopped us and said we probably shouldn't see her. This put us right in front of a house where a member was talking with his friends. Then he talked with us and invited us to go with him to dinner. It was great because we didn't have a dinner appointment that night.
Saturday was spent saying goodbye to all of the people Elder Newman wanted to see and the rest of the day was spent packing. I got a lot of study time in that day. Sunday was the same, seeing people in between packing. The Atkinson's invited us over for dinner. We had a great chili with chipotle and dark chocolate. We had a short church at 3 pm 45 minute sacrament meeting and that was it. There they announced the changes and we sustained the new leaders of the ward. There were powerful testimonies and strong spirit. We are now one of the smallest wards here in Casper, but we have a strong missionary spirit.
Seems that I get to see a lot of change on my mission, Bagley went through a branch presidency change, so did Marshall, and now here. I'm glad to have been able to participate in these historic events.
So on New Year’s Eve, we proselyted as normal. We had an awesome district meeting, and then just went to bed. But we also were able to go to dinner with brother Gosman and his wife at Johnny J's restaurant. It was a fun time and they took both of us sets of Elders. Didn't do much else on New Year's Day besides what we normally do every day.
This week my study of D&C has truly helped me become a better missionary. I loved D&C 58. It spoke to me. D&C 59:7 inspired me to include more gratitude in my prayers. This has helped me see how blessed I truly have been and invites the spirit to have a more edifying and enriching experience. It has also helped me to open my heart to the Lord's will (D&C 58:52).  I also learned to confess God's hand in all things, including our afflictions. (D&C 59:21) It has helped me face adversity with more faith, strength, hope, and humility. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and I look forward to the coming week. 
With love,

Elder Davis

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