Monday, January 26, 2015

week 76: We were able to finally get in with the progressing investigator

We were able to finally get in with the progressing investigator the Sisters gave us as a result of the boundary changes. His name is Devin. He is very knowledgeable about the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He could have taught us. The only thing that is holding him back is smoking and attending church. We are excited to be able to work with him to overcome these obstacles.

We had dinner at the Mosley's on Thursday night. As we were talking with him and telling him where we were from he told us he had a companion, Elder Nielsen, in the MTC who was from Blackfoot and owns a meat shop there. It is a really small world here in Wyoming. I've run into a lot more people who know where Blackfoot is, did clinicals there, or went to school in Rexburg or lived in Idaho Falls or Pocatello for a while before moving here. Dessert was also very interesting. His kids really like root beer floats. So we found a root beer float cake in Albertson's and we had that with Root Beer Floats. Dinner was pulled elk sandwiches. It was really good.

District Meeting went really well. We had a get to know each other activity which involved playing signs and answering questions when caught and having to go to the middle. The questions ranged from what did you like doing back home to what type of shoes did you wear. Some were a little ridiculous like that, but others were really good questions that helped build district unity. In our district are the following. Me, Elder Nicholas, Elder Jugler (District Leader), Elder Abarca, Elder Van Buren, Elder Nixon, and Sister Sutton and Sister Sumsion.

Friday also was a meeting day. We had Zone Training meeting and learned a lot on how to be successful in our work by using Role Plays to practice teaching for our investigators. We also talked about some success and concerns we were seeing in all our areas and got suggestions from everyone on how to overcome those problems.

A lot of this week has been sorting through records to get oriented in our new areas. We printed out a ward roster so that we could see members and help them become more missionary minded. Especially with dinners we have been testifying of the first vision, asking for referrals, and challenging the members to give out a Restoration pamphlet to someone they know. They have responded with enthusiasm and promised to prayerfully choose people to share with. That has been a big focus this week because the Bishop [would like us to meet all the members and help them adjust to the change. We have been finding success through this despite our investigators being sick and not able to meet with us.

We were called on Saturday to see if we could help someone carry some items into Sister Adam's home. We called Brother Gosman our Elder's quorum president who picked us up and we helped her. One of our appointments afterwards wasn't there so we took the opportunity, since we had a member with us, to go see the Brauchies. They are a returning member family. They live far away from our apartment so we needed a member to take us there. It turned out great and we were able to teach about the importance of having daily scripture study. It gives us a feeling of uplift that comes from the Holy Ghost. When our days are going wrong or we feel upset, disappointed, or saddened we can turn to the scriptures. The Book of Mormon especially is a perfect vehicle of the spirit. The Spirit is a comforter which helps us get rid of those negative feelings and replaces them with positive. That is why it is essential we read EVERY DAY. It invites the spirit strongly into our lives to help us make correct decisions. I love starting the day with my study of the scriptures. It really is what makes our day go well, when we seriously ponder and reflect upon them. I have received Revelation from them that isn't even on what they were saying there on the page, but they invited the spirit which allowed me to receive answers to problems, questions, needs for the people we see, and the Lord's will for me. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES.

Glad I was able to write and share my experiences from this week. It's great having the time to reflect back upon the week. I also have had a great experience with accountability through prayer. Preach my Gospel teaches much about this in Chapter 8 how do I use my time wisely.
It Says

      The principle of accountability is fundamental in God’s eternal plan. We will all stand
      before the Lord at the last judgment and give an accounting for what we have done with
      the opportunities He has given us...with the idea that you will account for your the Lord through prayer...In your prayer at the end of the day, give an
       accounting of your work." (Preach my Gospel)

I have had great experiences applying this counsel in my prayer at night and as I have focused on gratitude I have had a wonderful and edifying experience. I love serving the Lord and continuing to learn as much as I can and overcoming many of my weaknesses as I turn to him humbly (Ether 12:27).

With love,

Elder Davis

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