Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekm 77: I was then put into a trio companionship

This has been a super crazy week. My address will be different until further notice. I have no idea when I'll be back, but it won't be more than 3 weeks. I'll explain later.

Tuesday night Elder Nicholas and I found a Part Member family who were very open to us visiting with them. They ended up cancelling later though since their kids had the flu, but they invited us back later.

Wednesday was a very good district meeting where we were able to talk about the importance of having a great planning session and ways to draw closer to God through planning. Later we saw the Rummels and gave them a Restoration pamphlet to help them learn it better. They love having us over and give us treats every time we do go over.

Saturday was crazy. Elder Nicholas had been struggling with an illness for 2 months and it finally got really bad here since we had to walk everywhere. Since he only had 4 weeks left President Anderson decided it would be better for him to be treated at home without the demands of missionary work to impede healing. So on Saturday at noon his parents picked him up. I was then put into a trio companionship with Elder Harper and Elder Bessire I will be doing a lot of splits in order to continue working in the 8th ward. They are the 3rd ward Elders. I went on splits at 2 with our ward mission leader Spencer Larson. It was a good lesson. I then went with brother Grande for dinner and service moving his couch to the dump. At the dump they had a speed limit sign labeled 23 miles per hour. I couldn't get a picture because I didn't have my camera, but I thought it was pretty funny. Sunday I spent most of the day at church. Went with the Zone Leaders in the morning and stayed with them through their sacrament meeting until I could meet up with Brother Larson again. Then I continued through our Sacrament Meeting and classes. Then I had dinner with the Larsons and met back up with the 3rd ward Elders to try seeing some people in their area.

This has been a very interesting experience. I am one of the only Elders that can say that I've met my companion's parents before I went home or he went home. It is very different on splits as well because I am used to having 3 people me, my companion, and the member. I have never been on splits before where I separate from my companion and am just with a member. So for almost 18 months I have constantly been with a companion. Now it is weird not having one. It is strangely lonely, even with 2 other companions. But this is a great opportunity for me to learn and get to know the members in the 8th ward better. So despite challenges I am focusing on what to do for the future. It is really helping. There are a lot of opportunities to do some good.
Thanks for everything you all do

With love,
Elder Davis

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