Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 83: They agreed to be baptized.

Monday (2) was great. We had great times with soccer and basketball. The Lord is really helping me to improve and play as a team. We had a little rotation tournament where we would play half-court and rotate out so that others in the Zone would still be able to play without it being too crowded. It works extremely well and helps us keep the rules while still having fun.

Later in the day we were in an awesome lesson with Devin and his wife Kerry. They agreed to be baptized. The date they are striving for is April 11th. The spirit was very strong there. It started out warm Monday but by the end we had over a foot of snow by the next morning. We had fun putting on our boots and trudging through it. It is all gone now and today was a beautiful spring morning. We also were able to grill some chicken and Elk stake with the district leader before we met for and area meeting to discuss the needs of the Casper 8th ward and the work. It was great. We also cooked rice, mixed vegetables, and pierogis.
Tuesday we shoveled a lot of snow, Especially for Loraine Bennion and the Rummels. Brother Atkinson brought his snow machine so it was easier to shovel the foot of snow out of the way.

We had some more splits that evening with Brother Sorenson and Brother Morris. That way we got a lot done. Melvina Hunt went to the Family History center the next day after we committed her to go and they were able to help her get connected to her family. She was super excited and I know that doing family history work will help bring her back into activity.
Wednesday was also great. As we walked downtown we decided to take a different route than normal and ran into a lady whose car was stuck. She thanked us a lot as we pushed her car out of the snow and helped her on her way to work. Next time someone knocks on her door hopefully she will remember and let them in.

Brother Rummel shared with us this week the story of Chief Warshake. Apparently he was a Shoshone chief who was converted and as a result provided safe passage for many of the pioneers through that territory. It was a neat story.
Thursday we helped Brother Atkinson put up drywall in the basement of his apartments. He really appreciated it and took us out to lunch at Pizza Hut for thanks. Afterwards we helped Brother Neal try to pull his son out of a drift up on the mountain. It was too slick and as a result we weren't able to do much. So slick that as I stood on the road the wind blew me down the mountain road. It was fun, like sledding.

Had a lady we talked to ask us if she could come to our church. It was amazing being in the right place at the right time. Had a great week more on it later. Very limited time. I love you all very much!
With love,

Elder Davis

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