Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 84: Friday evening we gave several people blessings.

Last Friday was Zone Training Meeting. We went over many things but the most focused on is the new initiative the church is doing called #BecauseHeLives. It is similar to the He is the Gift initiative. The website comes up March 28 and is

We've gotten into the habit of going to Lunch with our Ward Mission Leader before Coordination meeting every Saturday and getting Little Caesar's pizza for him. This time we decided to try a new thing by asking if we could get Barbeque sauce instead of the regular sauce. They agreed and it was the best pizza I've had there the whole time I've been here in Casper. (The members are very nice. One member Barry Jones owns Little Caesars and gives us free pizza all the time.)
Wednesday we were on our way to see JD and we found a stray dog. He wanted to help us get it back to the owner so we looked at the tags on the Black dog and the name was Sirius Black. We found the home it was supposed to be at and returned him.
On Thursday we went on exchanges with Elder Wendell and elder Nichols. I went with Elder Wendell and stayed in the 8th ward area while Elder Rucker went with Elder Nichols in the 9th ward area. They were very fun. We were able to teach temple prep to Terry Young and help him continue to prepare for the temple. It was very spiritual and he felt the spirit testify to him of the truths we shared. We also were able to have dinner at the Brauchie home. They fed us salmon. We shared the Because He Lives information with them.

Friday evening we gave several people blessings. Sister Bennion requested one after we ate dinner with her and brother Uresk. Then as we visited Sister Hillan we asked if she needed one. She was sick with something that made her voice very raspy. It was a great night and the spirit was very powerful in preparation for when we taught sister Ashby and invited her back to church on Sunday. She sees the need, but was busy this week but agreed to come next week.
Sunday was great. It felt great to partake of the sacrament. Last week Elder Rucker was sick so we didn't make it and it felt very strange not being able to partake of the blessings of the sacrament. But it made it extra sweet this time to renew the covenants I made. There were several less active members who showed up as well. Elder Rucker and I were invited to give talks by the high counselman brother Andersson. We gave corresponding talks. Elder Rucker talked about the importance of inviting people to hear the gospel and not just prepare them or think that we need to prepare them before inviting them. The Lord prepares people infinitely better than we ever could. We just need to invite. I talked about overcoming the fears associated with inviting people by trusting in the Lord, remembering the blessings, no being judgmental, and by having a positive outlook. It was a great day.  We also were able to find out more about some members in our area. It has become a great thing to walk everywhere especially in the nice weather we have here now. It is refreshing in the morning and the evening to step outside into cool, but comfortable air.  

Today we had a great P-day so far. Brother Rummel invited us out to go hiking with him on a ridge near the Red Butte. So we did so and it was a great experience. Elder Wendell and Elder Nichols came with us. We visited several places and got some great photos of Casper, the valley, and the mountains. It was great to go hiking even a little bit. It has been a while since I've done so.
It has been a great week. I hope you also have a great week. Continue in the faith.

With love,
Elder Davis

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