Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 86: I was transferred to Buffalo Wyoming.

News for the week, I was transferred to Buffalo Wyoming. Elder Rucker was transferred to Cass Lake Minnesota which is right next to Bemidji. The YSA Elders took over the 8th ward. I am now assigned to serve with Elder Gardner. The mission change occurs April 28 2015. This was the last transfer before then. So I am now going to be serving in the Montana Billings Mission as of April 28. 

Last week goes as follows: On P-day we went to the Historic Trails museum in Casper. We learned about the California, Mormon, Oregon, and other trails including the pony express. they have several simulations such as riding in a stagecoach and also fording a river in a covered wagon. It was a really neat experience.
We had another great lesson with Terry Young. He is rapidly progressing to the temple and returning to activity. We also were able to teach the Reardons again. They are doing well.

Jennifer Middleton is doing well and recovering. She also is interested in meeting with the missionaries again.
Saturday was very surprising. I had no idea what would happen with transfer calls. I knew I might be getting transferred but I didn't think Elder Rucker would be getting transferred as well. But he did.

I will really miss the Casper 8th ward. It was a great ward and I was glad to be the missionary that helped start it up and get it up and running as a new ward.
The rest of the week was spent saying goodbye's to everyone. It was a lot harder than I anticipated, but I am looking forward to serving in Buffalo.

Arrived last night and met the Ward mission leader.It was a very funny introduction as he posed as an investigator and supposedly we had to teach him the law of Chastity. They got me good. It made for a great laugh.
Hope to write again soon, very limited time this week. I am glad that I even had the chance to email. Hope to hear from you soon.

With love,

Elder Davis

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