Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 89: Things are going great here in Buffalo

We have some great plans for this P-day and upcoming week. So later today we will probably be hiking. We also were invited to a family home evening by a family where we will have fun and hopefully open up opportunities for receiving referrals. We were able to have a very successful week. We found 6 new people to teach! It was a very busy week. We also had exchanges. I went to Sheridan with Elder Raymond and Elder Gardner stayed here in buffalo to be with our District Leader Elder Nelson who also actually trained Elder Gardner so it was a great reunion for them.

Elder Raymond and I had a lot of success in getting in with people they hadn't been able to see in over 7 weeks. Miracles do happen over exchanges.
Tuesday we went to Kaycee Wyoming with the Hilton Family to meet with two Part member families, the Olsens and the Tehea's. The Olsens are returning members who need their kids to be baptized, one 10 year old and one 9 year old. The Tehea's are teenagers who have questions about what we believe so we showed them the Restoration video and answered a lot of their questions. We have a set appointment with them both every Tuesday.

We have been spending a lot of time reading with Recent Converts and also finding Less Active members that we can help return to activity.
We also had a great celebration last night burning our 6 month and 18 month marks ties and slacks. (Both of us were 2 months late on this). But it was a fun time.

We also have found several opportunities for service in the community which is helping to soften the hearts of those around us. We help with Bingo at the nursing home every Tuesday and Friday and we also help out at the animal shelter.
There are some great families here. Fast and Testimony Sunday was great. There were strong testimonies which filed the chapel with the spirit. I appreciated this because I know it is the Spirit that helps increase the love of the people. There was also an investigator there named Savannah Dolbare. Her final thing before being baptized was receiving a confirmation that this is the true church by actually attending church. She loved it so much that she said she was coming back every week!

Things are going great here in Buffalo and we are staying really busy I appreciate the time I have to serve the Lord.
With love,

Elder Davis

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