Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 90: We gave several blessings this week to different people

So, we had a lot going on this week. One of the Less Actives that we are teaching recently had her boyfriend (another Less Active) go to jail so we visit him there. It is different because it is through a video conference call and only lasts for 15 minutes. But it is still helping him to change his life. She also is very appreciative of what we are doing to help her get back into church. She came on Sunday with a friend.

We also had one of our investigators Savannah Dolbare come to church last week and she loved it. We have another lesson with her on Tuesday at 5 pm. Tuesday seems to be when we teach most of our investigators.
We also got to see the Tehau family down in Kaycee Wyoming. They are doing really well and the spirit was very strong as we taught them. Elder Gardner and I teach really well together and we were able to get out some of their concerns. We plan on seeing them again on Tuesday. They really are starting to get excited seeing as Sister Tehau for 25 years didn't want anything to do with anything religious. the Hilton family took us down there. And we have started a tradition that every Tuesday night when we get done down in Kaycee we go to Maverick for a F'real and some Nachos. It really is a great way to celebrate the success the Lord is helping us with.

They have a really neat hiking trail here that we go on every once in a while called the clear creek trail. It is good for hiking and jogging. They also have a really neat track that we use to run in the mornings.
We gave several blessings this week to different people. One was a referral and two others were members. We also had the opportunity of blessing a home for a member who was scared that there might have been unwelcome spirits in the house. She said she felt a lot better after we did it for her.

Another one of our investigators, Lue Braten, knows the church is true but doesn't want to change. She said she is old and set in her ways. We are working on her though. She really loves doing family history work. And we often go walking with her to help her recover from a recent heart surgery she had.
We had a funny experience at Bingo the other day. An elderly woman went up to Elder Gardner and asked, "Where are those Mormon missionaries? They always hide from me." She then looked over at me and said, "There's one of them." Later when she got a bingo she said "I won!? Oh my lands" She also expressed her deep love for soft cuddly kittens and how she loved sleeping with them cuddled up next to her at night (stuffed animals). She also wanted to take Elder Gardner with her. It was hilarious.

We also had a crazy experience tracing this week. We knocked on a man's home who came out yelling, "What does this (*****) sign say?"
"It says no soliciting sir, but we aren't trying to sell anything"

"Get off my property, now!"
We paused confused at why he was so furious. He didn't give us much time to react before continuing, "Get off my (*****) property now before I go and get my club".

Well after that he had us convinced. We just shrugged it off and laughed.
Sunday was a great day. We had dinner with a family, the Allgiers, who knew a lot of people in Casper. They knew Sister Burtagnole, the Bishop's wife. In fact she was the mother-in-law of Sister Allgier's daughter who I met once at a dinner appointment there. Church also went really well and helped us learn a lot, especially focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. A parable was told about a seminary teacher who had one of his students do 10 pushups for each member of the class so that they could have a doughnut, even if they didn't want one. He then related that to the Atonement of Jesus Christ and had a profound effect upon all the students. In all, the boy had to do 350 pushups.

Things are going really good here in Buffalo, there is a lot of potential and we are doing a lot to help people out. Zone Conference is coming up this week, the last time we will be able to see our current mission president. This upcoming week has a lot things coming up and next week we will be in a completely different mission. It is interesting to see how things are working out.
With love,

Elder Davis

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