Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 88: My favorite talk was by Elder Oaks

Conference was the best one I've attended. The first session was my favorite and answered many concerns, challenges, and questions I am facing. Favorite quotes were: "Life was not meant to be easy. It takes courage to stand up for what we believe" [Elder Oaks]. "Compared to me you both are not all that different" [Dale G. Renlund]. "Sincerely apologize without using if only you would have" [Linds K. Burton]. If you haven't had the chance to watch general conference I highly recommend reviewing it, watching it again or even studying it later. I Know I benefited personally from it and felt heavenly father answer my prayers.

My favorite talk was by Elder Oaks. It was hard to decide there were many great ones.
I am working on learning the area here in Buffalo. We are in a ward. I guess from what Elder Garner says there are about 150 active members and about 300 on the roles. I look forward to meeting with people and helping the work roll forward here.
There was a lady we saw who really loves family history. We were able to teach here the plan of Salvation. We also help with Bingo Tuesday and Friday mornings at the nursing home care center. It is a lot of fun giving service. One of the ladies gave us her bingo prize, a gnome. We are still deciding what to do with it.

We have been teaching a lot of object lessons. My favorite involves food coloring baking soda and bleach. It represents becoming clean through the sacrament and baptism. It is really cool because the combinatio0n of the baking soda and bleach turns the water clear again. Thus we need not only baptism but baptism by the priesthood in order for it to work.
Our new district leader is Elder Nelson. He trained Elder Gardner. He also is from American Falls Idaho area so almost half our district is from Idaho the other half from Utah and one from California.

There has been a lot fun. Elder Gardner ran over a squirrel. I tried warning him by saying squirrel but he looked in the wrong direction. It was ironic because the next time I yelled squirrel he looked in the right direction and avoided hitting another one.
Things are going great. I am excited for P-days here. We have canyons and other places we can hike and we have mountains and all sorts of fun. I am no longer in a walking area and we have a car. It is a little different covering a whole town again and not just a whole town several other towns. In fact our area goes halfway towards Casper and will probably be the border of the new mission. Many great experiences are to follow.

I love each of you. Thanks for all the support.
With love,

Elder Davis

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