Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 91: We are both being transferred out to new areas in the new mission.

So this week has been crazy. We had our final goodbyes to our mission President Anderson and Sister Anderson on Thursday as we attended the final zone conference ever to be held in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission. It was very inspiring and we learned a lot. It was hard saying goodbye to President and Sister Anderson. But we will have the opportunity to reconnect later after our missions are completed.

So, since the mission change is on a different day than transfers our transfer ended 2 weeks early. I have only served in Buffalo for 1 month and yet now we are both being transferred out to new areas in the new mission. We have no idea where yet and we will find out after being interviewed by President Mecham on Tuesday.
The rest of the week was spent in chaos trying to schedule goodbye appointments, packing, and making sure the apartment is spotless and the records for the area as updated as possible. (This is made harder by the fact that the missionaries before us didn't really keep good records since January. So we will do the best we can to help the new Elders or sisters (we don't know which ones yet) out in learning the new area.

It is sad to leave and many members are shocked, but I know the Lord is sending us to where we need to be to help the work here progress in the Billings Montana Mission.
I am continuing to learn a lot.

As my mission comes ever closer to a close I am reminded constantly of the Lord's hand in my life over the past 20 months to transform me into the person I am now. I cannot help but look back on the many lessons I have learned and the many experiences that have refined, shaped, and developed me into a servant of Christ. I am grateful for the testimony the Holy Ghost has nurtured within me to grow into a tree that will bear fruit. Already it has continued to be delicious to me and continues to be a wonder to my soul. Few things compare with the joy of redemption and the knowledge that one has served with all his heart. I know that Christ lives. He loves me as an individual with all my weaknesses and is patient with me in my trials. His grace is sufficient for me as I rely upon Him. A mission has helped me realize the true joy of discipleship. I know that Christ has restored His church to the Earth today and has provided the means of recognizing and understanding truth through the witness of His spirit. I have felt such witness swelling within my breast and filling me with joy and light. I am not the person I once was... I am better and continue to improve daily. The Lord's hand is seen in all things and I am grateful for his hand in my life. It makes all the difference.
With love,

Elder Davis

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