Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 94: It focused on the need for the spirit in our lives and coming to church to receive that spirit.

So I am very glad and excited that now there will be two letters sent to this email to be put in the blog. It has been a very busy and successful week.

Tuesday we had a zone training meeting. It focused on how we can help people progress in the gospel by establishing the expectation of why we want to visit with them. This includes telling them the importance of our message, how it will bless their lives, and helping them understand that as they accept our message they will want to be baptized. We also learned about the power and authority of our callings as missionaries and the responsibility we have to remain true to and magnify that calling and the priesthood that we have received.  It is vitally important that we use our time wisely and to the benefit and blessing of those around us.  As we have applied the teachings we received from the zone leaders we have been blessed with more people to teach. We have been able to help more people decide to keep their commitments and more people are learning to seek after truth. As we live the principles and the advice we receive from the mission president the work soars. 
We also ran into someone while he was helping fix a car. He wasn't particularly religious, but he said we were relatable and wanted to learn more. So we for his phone number and gave it to the zone leaders who cover the young single adult ward. We also ran into a lady who someone said wouldn't be interested but was searching for the truth.  She agreed to have us back after a short conversation about the gospel.

We also taught a very spiritual lesson to Vicki Huescher (less active) this week. It focused on the need for the spirit in our lives and coming to church to receive that spirit. As a result she was at church and brought a friend. It was as a result of the member who came with us bearing testimony and inviting and greeting them at church. It makes a big difference to have a friend in the church to turn to in times of need.  This week has taught a lot about perseverance and diligence. Despite multiple appointments falling through we were still successful as we relied upon the lord. One family also took us to Panda Express for dinner and got us cold stones ice cream as well. It was very good. I tried the pistachio ice cream with coconut mixed into it. It tasted a lot like the Jell-O salad that uses pistachio pudding.
Today for preparation day we are having fun at the church building with the zone leaders and Columbia falls and eureka elders. We will play some games and also some basketball and dodgeball. It will be a great week upcoming. There are a lot of potential possibilities and we are being greatly blessed from the lord. I appreciate the opportunity to write and to share experiences. I know the lord blesses each of us as we strive to do his work. I love each of you and am excited for more learning experiences in the future.

With love,
Elder Jaden Davis.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 93: The savior said, "Ye are the light of the world.

This week was a great week. We had a lot happen the crowning moment
being two baptisms on Saturday the 9th of Sage Wilson and Britney
Wilson. They were joined by their 8 year old brother Tyler Wilson.
Their father baptized them and elder Barney confirmed them. We had
many great experiences in teaching as well. We taught Cindy about the
word of wisdom. She is returning to activity and wants to quit
smoking. She's made it five days so far on the stop smoking program.
We also got back in with Roy an investigator who is desiring to read
the Book of Mormon again after we testified of the restoration of the
gospel. We've been led to many people who need to see us with
spontaneous ideas coming to mind from the Holy Ghost on who we need to
see and where we need to be.

On preparation day last week we played dodgeball and also some
Yahtzee. It was fun to relax and take some time to reflect on the
week. I am learning how to use the iPad a lot better as I ask Heavenly
Father for help every day to help me learn the area and also learn how
to use the iPad. It is not an instantaneous solution. It comes over
time and I am learning a lot on how to do different things.

After a long day once we were able to continue tracking despite our
tiredness and ran into John who said we could come back and share a
message with him. He doesn't have a current church and is willing to
read from the Book of Mormon. We also have been blessed to be teaching
a lesson with a less active member and the. A non-member friend or
family member shows up to hear the message of the restoration. These
are the best finding moments.

Things are going great here. There is a lot of potential. We have many
great things lined up for the future. Zone training meeting is
tomorrow so we should have a great experience there. We also got
interviewed for the first and the last time by president Mecham today
and we had a great conversation.

I am constantly reminded by the wonderful example of members here and
elsewhere that the only way for people to gain understanding of our
church and overcome misconceptions is through the example of members.

The savior said, "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on
a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under
a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are
in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see
your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 92: My new companion is Elder Barney

This week has been crazy. The best part was being able to go to the temple again and experience the great peace that was there. We were in Billings for an orientation on Tuesday and we went Wednesday morning to the Billings Montana temple. This new mission is awesome! I enjoy very well my new area of Kalispell Montana. It is very beautiful and there are many people here who are prepared to receive the restored gospel. We run into at least 3 people every day that accept the opportunity to hear our message. It really helps having iPads to show powerful videos and it makes it more nonthreatening for them.

My new companion is Elder Barney. He is from Rexburg Idaho. He has 1 month left on his mission. He has served in 4 missions. He was called to Ukraine. He served in two missions there on account of the political situation. Then they pulled him out completely and reassigned him here. He also visa waited in Georgia. He is a great Elder and I am learning a lot from him about the new mission and how to use iPads.

We cover 2 wards here in Kalispell. The 1st and 3rd Ward. The zone leaders serve here as well in the ysa branch and the 2nd Ward. We have fun here on preparation days by hiking and playing basketball etcetera. There is also glacier national park near here we plan on going to next week. It is different because there are no paper planners. Everything is in the online iPad app. It really helps in finding people and looking at there records anytime we need it. I am learning very quickly and am excited to keep learning.

This area is very religious and as a result many people are searching for the truth. It has been great following spiritual promptings. We have 2 people who are going to be baptized this Saturday. One of them, Sage Wilson, bore her testimony on Sunday. We have also had very spiritual lessons using the resources the lord has given to us. One time as we were riding, we felt inspired to share a video at a random door. The video was very clearly supposed to be for the Mom because they loved it and wanted a return appointment. We also have had several experiences stopping people who are walking and showing a 2 minute video followed by discussion on the gospel.

President Mecham is very inspiring and helping us reach our full potential. He has a great testimony. We also had a great testimony meeting that first night in the mission home. There are many teaching opportunities arising and I feel that I am definitely needed here in Kalispell and that the lord has called me to serve here.  My birthday went really well. We went to dinner with the zone leaders and they surprised me by asking the waiters to sing to me and bring out a free Mexican dessert. Got me good because I didn't know that they knew. I am really excited to be here. The best present for my birthday was the feeling I get from serving the lord to the fullest potential I can. As a result he blessed us with many teaching opportunities and new people. I am excited for the future and for the continued guidance from the spirit.

With love,
Elder Davis