Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 94: It focused on the need for the spirit in our lives and coming to church to receive that spirit.

So I am very glad and excited that now there will be two letters sent to this email to be put in the blog. It has been a very busy and successful week.

Tuesday we had a zone training meeting. It focused on how we can help people progress in the gospel by establishing the expectation of why we want to visit with them. This includes telling them the importance of our message, how it will bless their lives, and helping them understand that as they accept our message they will want to be baptized. We also learned about the power and authority of our callings as missionaries and the responsibility we have to remain true to and magnify that calling and the priesthood that we have received.  It is vitally important that we use our time wisely and to the benefit and blessing of those around us.  As we have applied the teachings we received from the zone leaders we have been blessed with more people to teach. We have been able to help more people decide to keep their commitments and more people are learning to seek after truth. As we live the principles and the advice we receive from the mission president the work soars. 
We also ran into someone while he was helping fix a car. He wasn't particularly religious, but he said we were relatable and wanted to learn more. So we for his phone number and gave it to the zone leaders who cover the young single adult ward. We also ran into a lady who someone said wouldn't be interested but was searching for the truth.  She agreed to have us back after a short conversation about the gospel.

We also taught a very spiritual lesson to Vicki Huescher (less active) this week. It focused on the need for the spirit in our lives and coming to church to receive that spirit. As a result she was at church and brought a friend. It was as a result of the member who came with us bearing testimony and inviting and greeting them at church. It makes a big difference to have a friend in the church to turn to in times of need.  This week has taught a lot about perseverance and diligence. Despite multiple appointments falling through we were still successful as we relied upon the lord. One family also took us to Panda Express for dinner and got us cold stones ice cream as well. It was very good. I tried the pistachio ice cream with coconut mixed into it. It tasted a lot like the Jell-O salad that uses pistachio pudding.
Today for preparation day we are having fun at the church building with the zone leaders and Columbia falls and eureka elders. We will play some games and also some basketball and dodgeball. It will be a great week upcoming. There are a lot of potential possibilities and we are being greatly blessed from the lord. I appreciate the opportunity to write and to share experiences. I know the lord blesses each of us as we strive to do his work. I love each of you and am excited for more learning experiences in the future.

With love,
Elder Jaden Davis.

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