Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 100: We have been blessed as we have braved the hot weather and biked around.

It has been a hot and a really great week. We have been blessed as we have braved the hot weather and biked around. The Lord has placed people in our path again that we needed to talk to. One lady had questions about how we would find our family after we die. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and the sealing power of the temple. That power is a great blessing in my life and in the lives of all those who accept and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Half the week this week was spent contacting a lot of referrals that keep popping up on our referral system. A lot of them were duplicates and also all of the ones that weren't were very old from over 3 months to 2 years ago. So we are still deciding the best way to get in contact with these people so they don't get annoyed with repetitive contact. We had a few last week who were very annoyed and wanted their name taken off a "list" that they didn't put themselves on.
District meeting was great. We were trained on how to use Facebook as a mission. We are now authorized to use Facebook in our missionary work. This will consist mostly in confirming appointments, posting inspiring messages up to 3 times per week, and sometimes teaching a lesson through Facebook. It will be interesting learning how to apply the safeguards against temptation the church has given to us to assist us in doing this work. It will also help us develop good habits with social media and the internet and using time wisely before we go home where there will be no restrictions. I am glad I get this opportunity to develop good technology habits that will be useful the rest of my life.
As far as friends, I had to deactivate my old Facebook account which will be reactivated when I return home. Friends and family are encouraged to follow my page, but cannot be "friends".

There will likely be more information on this later.
Thursday we received a call from our bishop’s wife about a man in the hospital who needed a blessing. He was a non-member from the area who was grateful we came for the blessing. He has a member wife who likely made the call. So we gave the blessing and he thanked us.

The weather here has been quite hot. Yesterday it got to be 105 degrees which people say is unusual for this area in June.
We are going to have a great 4th of July. Former Elder Barney is coming back up to do the baptism for Casey. Also on the 3rd we will be heading down to Helena for an all mission conference to meet President and Sister Wadsworth. The new mission president and wife.

On Friday we had interviews with President and Sister Holmes of the mission presidency. They came up here to Kalispell, fed us lunch and interviewed us. It was the first time I've been interviewed on my mission by someone other than the mission president. It was very similar and focused a lot on getting to know us and helping us recognize that we are doing a great work as servants of the Lord in these last days.
The use of social media is really helping member missionary work here in Kalispell. This stake is big on family mission plans and now we can have them include a fun and easy way to do missionary work by posting inspiring messages at least weekly on their account. They can also prayerfully identify some of their friends on Facebook to ask to friend us the missionaries. It provides an easy invitation and a non-threatening environment for them to decide for themselves to act upon the invitation rather than feeling forced to do so.

Saturday was great. We were able to help the 2nd ward elders out with some service. The librarian here asked us if we could help a friend. We agreed. Because I was wearing pants instead of shorts, I was the lucky one who got to weed eat. The others were sorting through big trash piles and recycling materials. Later that day we were able to testify very powerfully to the Fisher family about prayer and the importance of scripture study. We used Mosiah 1:3-7 to emphasize that even prophets, without constant immersion in the scriptures, would have lost the faith and not been able to endure and would have become like unto the lamanites. The spirit bore powerful testimony to them and they are searching for ways to liken the scriptures to themselves and also find a favorite scripture to use in times of temptation.
Sunday was another great Sabbath day for us. There were some great talks and the best part was being able to participate in the sacred ordinance of the sacrament. One thought that has helped me have a meaningful experience is thinking of the sacrament as though you were in the temple. Treating the chapel like the temple and the behavior during the sacrament as if inside the temple. As well as thinking on how we can improve throughout the week with the savior's help.

I am grateful to have been able to write today. I continue to learn new things each week and have a continual appreciation for the things I have been able to learn in the past. It is this renewal that helps me continue on in faith.
Also in my studies this morning I read Alma chapter 29. Verse 9 was particularly important to me. As we share the Gospel with others, our appreciation for it increases as memories of our conversion are brought back to us and we are able to experience more love for those we serve and teach. Keep up the good work.

With love,
Elder Jaden Davis

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