Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week 95: In this mission they have certain things that they encourage us to reach to stretch our potential.

We've had a great week. In this mission they have certain things that they encourage us to reach to stretch our potential. We were down by one this week and the lord gave us a great blessing. As we pondered on how we could reach this particular goal a name came to mind that we should go see and invite back to church, Kateland Benafield. We biked on over there and we invited her and she said yes she would come if we found her a ride to church. We did so and were happy to see her there on Sunday. This was a great blessing from the lord. As we pondered on what we needed to do and then acted, the lord was able to give us revelation on who to see and who to invite to reach those goals. The lord has promised us all who have received the Holy Ghost that if we remain worthy and continue to follow him and keep his commandments, including taking of the sacrament weekly, then we too can receive this revelation for our own lives.

Last Monday we ended up playing dodgeball unexpectedly when we received a call from another area about wanting to meet in the church. They were already here in Kalispell so we forwent hiking, but today we plan on going to glacier national park with the members we live with. The Gordon family. They say it is very beautiful and we are looking forward to doing so.
We had several biking adventures this week. We were on our way to an appointment and elder Barney said he could really feel the contours of the sidewalk. He ended up with a flat. The Gordon family was very nice and fixed it for him. The next day we set out on bikes again and poof he got another flat. So we are fixing that right now. It was pretty funny that it would happen again.
We went on several exchanges this week. We had an exchange for two days with elder Lancaster who joined us in a threesome. His companion did several exchanges with the other members of our district in the meantime. It was a lot of fun. We talked to a lot of good people and were able to get several new people. We have been working and focusing on how to find those who are ready to progress and willing to keep commitments so that we don't waste so much time re knocking on their doors when they are not interested. It has been a trial of faith to stop seeing people who are not ready and won't keep commitments, but as we have done so the lord has blessed us with new opportunities and new people.
One of these people is Casey Veitch. He has a strong desire to be baptized. He and his wife also want to get sealed in the temple as a goal they are looking at. They also went through the Payson Utah temple open house. Basically it is a matter of time before he is baptized on June 20. They also want to have their babies blessed at the same time. We taught them. The gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and they said that answered many of their questions about preparing for baptism and why they needed to be baptized in the first place.
We had a unique experience Monday. All our appointments cancelled so we knew the lord needed us somewhere else. Because we were out tracting we found a member who had some concerns about the Book of Mormon. He invited us back to address them.
Wednesday was also great. We were promised by the zone leaders that if we followed promptings we would find a new investigator that we could teach who was promising. We did so. We both wanted to see a less active member in a certain area here. He had moved according to the current residents. We decided to tract around the area and because of this we ran into someone meant for elder Barney to teach. They only spoke Russian and so he was able to talk to them and they are excited to have us come back and talk about the restoration. It was great.

We also took a member with us that night and as we were visiting Cindy, we ran into a lady visiting her. We taught the restoration, invited her to be baptized only to find out that she had dementia and couldn't remember anything we said. But the spirit was super strong and we were able to accomplish what the lord wanted in that situation.
On Saturday we were on exchanges with big fork elders. Elder Barney went with elder Hastings and I went with elder Brewster. We were able to tract all day long. As we did so we were led to a woman who was less active and looking for an increase in faith and renewed relationship with God. Conveniently she came out right as we were walking up to her yard sale. It was really cool.
We also found a lady Sunday In our area that lives in Columbia falls. She was looking for solace after a recent friend died. She congratulated and thanked us and wants to meet with the missionaries in Columbia falls. She gave us her phone number and address to give to them.
It has been a great week. I've learned a lot and we get a lot done. I love each of you and look forward to hearing from you and seeing you again.

With love,
Elder Jaden Davis

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