Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 97: Monday was elder Barney's last preparation day.

This week has been crazy. I knew it would be since elder Barney was going home and the last week is always the craziest, or so I've heard.  We had a lot of success come from the woodworks.   We ran into several people who are interested I. Learning about the restored gospel. One of them was a door approach where elder Barney had previously told me a goal of his was to invite someone to baptism on the doorstep. We did so and she accepted and a return appointment was secured to learn more. It was a miracle and we were led there by the spirit because she was really happy when we told her it would help her to improve the quality of her life.
Monday was elder Barney's last preparation day. He wanted to get some souvenirs from Kalispell so we got huckleberry barbecue sauce.  We finished off strongly with a zone wide preparation day at the church building playing dodgeball. Elder Barney remains the champion.  We had a great lesson with Selena on Tuesday. She is progressing rapidly and doesn't want to put down the Book of Mormon when she reads it and the message of the plan of salvation answered many of her questions. Later we went out to Kila Montana and taught a family with Brother Parker out in the middle of nowhere.  Wednesday was the last district meeting for elder Barney and it went really well. I played the hymn God be with you till we meet again for him and it was very powerful. We also learned a lot about testifying
immediately when we meet people.
Thursday was crazy. We literally drove all day long. Drove elder Barney down to Missoula and then drove back only for the assistants to call us saying we needed to bring the car down to Missoula to switch out so we ended driving all the way back down.  I was with the zone leaders from Thursday until now and will be until Wednesday at transfers. My new companion is elder Hansen. I don't know too much about him yet. Elder Lancaster is being transferred down to buffalo Wyoming where I just came from so I'll have him say hi to a lot of people for me. 
Had great lessons on Friday that were able to resolve concerns for several people the zone leaders were working with. We also ran into Shiloh a guy on the street with dreadlocks. We asked him if he had heard of Mormons or the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints before. He said yes I've heard of more men. And you guys are like way up here on a ladder trying to become saints. It was pretty crazy he had a lot of funny things he said which didn't actually make sense.  Including a song which went I've got what you need but you don't got what I want. I got what you want but you don't got what I need. Also singing doom doom doom over and over again. He was out of it. But hey add one to the list of funny people and experiences I've had on my mission.
Sunday went well. Had several opportunities for church 1st Ward, Second Ward and lakeside YSA branch with the zone leaders, learned a lot.  Today was the best, we went to glacier national park, this time for a hike and we hiked to Avalanche Lake. It was a great hike and very beautiful. It felt good to go out and hike again. We did not run into any bears fortunately and ended up with some really good pictures. I am grateful to have time to write today. I love the gospel and I also love all of you.

With love,

Elder Jaden Davis

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