Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 103: I am being transferred to Lewistown Montana.

Hello everyone. This letter is going to be really short this week because we are going, to Glacier National Park as a zone to hike the highlands. It should be a lot of fun and then we get to learn all the changes that are happening in the zone because if transfers. 
I am being transferred to Lewistown Montana. So I'll have a new address. I'll get it next week when I can email again. It's been a pretty crazy week. We got two new investigators and two new less active members to teach. It is sad leaving them. I have really liked Kalispell.
We had a great and powerful lesson last night and Walter accepted to be baptized when he turns 8 and his family is returning to activity and considered it an honor to have us the missionaries in their home. This was made possible through almost 6 months of monthly emails by their home teacher. They became friends and then the time was right for missionary visits.

Frisbee golfing on Monday was a lot of fun. We didn't lose any disc this time so that was a plus, but I am still working on my technique for throwing the disc. My new companions name is elder Peterson. He was trained by elder Barney and has also served here in Kalispell recently about two weeks before I got here so we should be able to share a lot of stories.  Sunday was good again.
There were a lot of things I needed to hear.  And the sacrament really helped me as well to focus on the savior and invite his atoning sacrifice into my life. As one speaker put it, "when we partake of the sacrament each week, we invite the purifying power of gethsemane into our lives to become one with Christ." It was a great experience. Kalispell has been a purifying experience for me as well these past 6 weeks. It has proven to be a refiner’s fire where I have learned a lot of lessons. I am grateful to have served here.
Hope everyone back home is doing well.

With love,
Elder Jaden Davis

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