Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 104: Wednesday was spent traveling all day long.

Hello everyone.

This week was pretty crazy. Tuesday was spent packing and teaching people throughout the day. We also had about two 30 minute bike rides out to dinner with the Turner family and back. It was great.
Wednesday was spent traveling all day long. We left Kalispell at 9 in the morning and arrived in Lewistown at 7. On the way we stopped in Helena and met the Zone Leaders. Elder Raymond from the Sheridan area in the old mission is the Zone Leader here as well as the other Elder Barney. I have been on exchanges with Elder Raymond. He is a great missionary.

On the way from Helena to Great Falls we looked down at our gas gauge and noticed an alarming orange light. We were out of fuel. And we had 60 miles to go through the middle of nowhere. Luckily after about 40 miles we found an exit just in time to fuel up. The only problem was that we were behind the Zone Leaders and two sister missionaries and had no phone to contact them with. We blared on the horn and flashed the lights, but they didn't notice and kept on driving whole we exited the interstate. So we filled up and tried to find some way of meeting them somewhere without getting lost in a town neither Elder Rohwer nor I had ever been to before. We found a McDonalds, looked on our magical I pads for an address and directions to the nearest church building and drove there. When there we discovered it wasn't the right one so the thought came to send an instant message to both Elder Raymon and Elder Barney on our I-pads using the church Wi-Fi. They got our message and came and picked us up. There I met Elder Peterson and we continued on to Lewistown. It was a great experience and proves the influence of the Holy Ghost which made a situation turn out right which could have ended in disaster.

That night we had a powerful lesson with a less active member, Brother Wood. He didn't want to come back to church so we asked some really thought provoking questions that were given to us by the spirit, used several scriptures, and testified of the importance of the sacrament. It was very powerful and there was no way he could deny the importance of the things which we taught him. He didn't want to come immediately to church, but said he would pray about it. We know the spirit is able to help him change and want to return to activity.
Thursday was great. We had our weekly planning session, but we also were able to go to the parade that started the Central Montana Fair here in Lewistown. There we met Travis, one of our investigators with a lot of potential, a few days earlier he had been thinking about being baptized like the Elders had invited him to do. So we had a great discussion with him where we asked inspired questions. It resolved his concern about being judged at church and he committed to come. Sadly, he did not. But we are still working with him. I guess at the last minute he chickened out on us. He promised if we came to the door and walked with him to church he would come with us. Hopefully next week.

Friday was great as well. We went to a neighboring town and got permission to go to a senior couple's area for a 24th of July celebration. They needed help cutting up the large full pig that they roasted. It was a neat experience seeing an entire pig roasted and then cutting it up afterwards. And we even got to take some home with us!

And of course Elder Petersen beat me at bean bag toss and then I beat him at horseshoes so it evened out.
Saturday we met a less active who had been texting us a lot trying to meet with us but never getting the courage to talk with us in person. She really likes texting. But it was great to meet her, although it rained in the lesson.

Sunday was really good as well. We were able to teach Travis again and church was really good.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week. We saw a flash flood today, it happened right on top of us as we were doing laundry. So we ran to the truck and were soaked in 10 seconds. Hail came as well. So it was a big surprise, but no harm done.

Talk to you all later, I am appreciative of each of you.
With love,

Elder Jaden Davis

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