Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 107: This week has had several miracles.

I am excited to email today. Before I start I would like to make a note that elder Peterson is right beside me playing a really good song entitled, "Homeward Bound" Must be trying to get the message across to me.

Anyway, this week has had several miracles. I will highlight upon four that are very significant and have led us to see the tender mercies of the Lord and marvel at the situations that he places us in to find those we are meant to touch as missionaries and lead to the truth.

Tuesday was significant as we discussed some of the things we could be doing to get the work moving here in Lewistown. We decided to act in faith and clean up our teaching pool by dropping those who were not progressing and as a result were using up precious time. It was painfully hard to make this decision since many of those that we were teaching have great potential if they choose to follow Jesus Christ. They recognize their need for Him and an improvement in their lives, but are not willing to act to get those blessings. The situation looked bleak at first, but faith "precedes the miracle".

After we made the decision we were on our way to a lesson where we felt that we wouldn't get very far. We had found this person earlier in the week and were heading back. He was a former investigator who didn't want to convert but was willing to talk any time. We decided to go anyway and it was a very good thing we did because miracle number one occurred as we were there. While we were talking with Henry, one of his neighbors, James, came up to ask him for some help. He noticed that we were, "Church people" and asked us if we did baptisms. He then asked us if he could be baptized. It was a miracle that the Lord placed us in that lesson and inspired James to come ask Henry for help. We came back later and he now has a baptismal date for September 19.

In an effort to find more people we decided to start implementing finding through less active and part member families. We were going through the Part Member family list on Wednesday when we decided to go see someone with only 15 minutes left in the day. We decided to go anyway and as a result were able to talk to Bridget. She didn't know who we were looking for, but she did say that she was interested in learning more because her brother is Mormon and works in North Dakota and doesn't get to talk to her much. So she asked us to come back and answer some of her questions. She even asked us if we could give her our phone number. That never happens and we were ecstatic.

Third miracle happened on Thursday. It was really hot out, but we still decided to bike instead of drive. Previous to this time we had been deciding on a place to go tracting for an hour before dinner. I looked at the map we had of Lewistown and decided to place my finger in a random location without looking. It turned out to be the place we needed to be. We ran into two people on the street who was interested in us coming back and sharing more about how the Gospel could bless them and their families. We were also heading back to where we left our bikes and a stranger came up to us and asked us if we could tell him more about what God was speaking today. So we testified of Prophets and the Book of Mormon. He invited us back.

Fourth miracle was on Friday. An appointment cancelled and we were left with a hole in our schedule. We both felt inspired to go see a referral we had gotten from Sister Welton. That referral turned out to be very interested in hearing our message and even promised to come to church. He did and liked it very much. He also wanted to learn more about our church and thinks it’s the one for him and fits with many of his belief system. Later that day we also taught James. He accepted a baptismal date and was so curious about what he needed to do to get baptized that he asked us and wouldn't let us go until we had reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him.

We also met with someone who was walking to the church to meet with us outside. There was a big storm that came through. Had she walked home in it she would have been soaked, but the rain calmed down for the time it took her to walk home.

As if that wasn't enough miracles, the Lord blessed us with one more. We were once again trying part member families and had 15 minutes left. The Lord led us to a home where the family once again did not live there. But a different part member family did live there who had moved from White Hall earlier. They were just thinking about contacting the missionaries earlier that day before we were led to knock on their door. We have a return appointment on Wednesday.

The Lord truly does care for each of us in our individual situations. He blessed us as we made a commitment to strive to be diligent even in difficult circumstances and thus we were able to see his power unfolded in a series of miracles. It was great. I issue a challenge to look for and record those personal miracles that the Lord gives to each of you. Look and you will find them.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

-Albert Einstein

With love,

Elder Jaden Davis

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